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SEIZURE WARNING: 00:39 - 00:45

Winston and his raccoon-pal Smith go fishing

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Its got that early adult swim feel with an intentionally crude art style you're either going to love or hate. And I love it. It lends itself really well to the bizarre concept of cowboys on mars. Cowboy children on mars with a lot of guns just sounds like something a 1st grader would doodle a lot and i mean that in the best possible way.
The humor is pretty spot on. I haven't checked out if they have other episodes but im excited to see what they do with this. I want to know more about those other kids. Especially demon goat girl. The whole thing is weirdly charming.

so frickin good

love ya stuff papalegba, keep up the great work

That was great! It might be the first of your animations that I could enjoy completely.
The style really worked with this one and the humor was your usual absurd stuff, but here, I can't fully explain it, it just sorta clicked. Everything really fell into place. I gues sit's because this one really had an interesting story. A colonized Mars that's reminiscent of the wild west and yet a collage of different cultures and has advanced technology. Certainly very interesting. The story itself was really nice, even though it was a simple and pretty overdone concept. I've just never seen it done like this before, in such an ironic and yet compelling fashion. The old-school cheesiness combined with your surreal humor is really unique. That showdown at the end was really exciting and had some nice music.
The humor was nice as well. It didn't take away from the plot, and it had some strong running gags going. Things like everyone having guns and Winston being called a bastard. Ruthless Toothless was funny to me as well. That vodka was great. It's cool when you can kinda understand what they're saying too.
The only flaw in this entire movie was that the beginning narration was too quiet compared tk the music. I don't wanna take any stars off for that though. I would really love to see more like this! The best work I've seen from you so far.

well I'll be damned, who'd say life mars could be such a hoot

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3.15 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2018
1:43 PM EST
Comedy - Original