Birthday Gift (Liard - 2018)

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Birthday gift for Liard (2018). Not the perfect loop sadly. Realized I fucked up a frame when I finished this one :(
Edan x Lecia x Alvarina


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"Should I take off my pauldrons, ladies?"
"No! They are so large they are holding the moon in the earth's orbit!"

Pretty damned good. Begs for a little sound and some character interaction, but everything looks very nice.

The pale elf's butt ends very flatly and far too straightly against her thighs and his hip, as though it were cut out using the MSPaint tools.

His boots wibble and wobble like they are made of a fluid rather than leather and steel and... Judging by the glowing skulls on his shoulders, the hammered out and smelted souls of the dead.

It's a little repetitive, but hey, unlike a lot of the stuff we see here the boobs aren't DDDDDDD's and nobody but the man has a cock, so, I'm'a slap on an extra half a star to show my gratitude that the only thing denying the laws of physics and biology here is how still the girl's hair remains.

Great work!