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A segment from Shrek Retold, the only thing not in the original but in the remake - this!

Huge thanks to Grant Duffrin from 3GI for putting Shrek Retold together, and letting us all be a part of such an amazing project!

Watch the full collab here - https://youtu.be/pM70TROZQsI

1st segment - Kolumbo, the background in 2nd part by GoodL
2nd segment - FJA1996
3rd segment - sweeneezy

Song - Action Jelly - Pray the pain will go away

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Weird, but I like weird

no credit for the song. eat a dick. put it in there.
edit: now you get the cookies insteads /shed

Kolumbo responds:

My bad! Edited
Not hungry tho

My favorite part of the whole film! After my first watch I kept coming back to this part, it totally gripped me in a profound way. It was a great way to counteract how the World Doctors boys kinda sped through what was originally a very emotional scene.

Kolumbo responds:

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it!

Damn, man! That was touching. The music went perfectly with it and I loved all the different styles and ideas you guys had. They were all really cool. I liked the derpy faces of the 3D bit and the fact that it showed Shrek being shunned by the world. Then the pixel stuff was nice too, Shrek was so lost. Then the part with befriending donkey-a perfect emotional and memey climax, with them hugging each other. And let's not forget that finger.
Overall some emotional stuff and memey goodness, all in one cool-looking package.
Keep IMDBing, y'all!

Kolumbo responds:

Thanks for the review!
We Hollywood now

GoodL responds:

Dude that finger really got me too. It's perfect. Thanks for the well-written (as always) review!

I really enjoyed this part, didn't realize it was you guys damn

Kolumbo responds:

eyyy thanks man much love

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Dec 6, 2018
10:03 AM EST
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