Gloryhole Threesome

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Futa Sheva fucks Soria in the ass while Zeena sucks the blue cock from the other side of the gloryhole.

Contains anal and blowjob scenes.

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Wow! Very hot and sexy. I love it! xoxo Keep up the great work.

Futa on futa are the best !

I love it man. Good job. U have talent. 🤣🤣

It was pretty well animated.
You might could have tried some more variety other than 3 identical dudes waving their hyper dicks around. It's animated alright.

It just feels a bit flimsy. (Yeah, I know, "it's porn" xD) But two hyper guys randomly fucking in a shower, with a hole drilled in a concrete wall, he shoves his dick through the hole, and a third guy runs up to suck his dick.

It feels like you might should have split the two ideas. As they don't really add that much to each other. Could have been two separate animations. It just feels kinda disjointed. On that: Couldn't hurt to add a bit of variety to their body shapes. Not necessarily to include a girl or something. But maybe not just have all be the same hyper dick, oversized tits+balls and body?

Also: The blue guy's spine is off in the gloryhole scene. His hips and spine don't add up in how he is aligned.

Somehow, Zeena DIDN'T break her jaw. She must have had quite a bit of practice.