Taming The Beast

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Sharing my work here from my youtube channel. Enjoy....

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I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I admit this is one of, it not the best fan animation for OPM I've ever seen. I did notice some minor things, but those are negligible for something as long and thrilling as this. Great work!

This was a good fight. Both One Punch Man and the Hulk upper limits on their strength has never been defined cannon. Good job!

Fantastic work, man. The background work, effects and character animation are all very well done, which is a big plus because it's not very common to see puppet animation that fluid. I also like how you didn't fall back on the usual OPM fanimation tropes, like reusing the "okay" joke or showing Saitama totally passive during the fight just for him to KO his opponent with the serious punch. Sure it's probably accurate to the source material, and it works for that environment, but when almost every fanimation does it, it loses it's kick fast. Seeing Saitama get a blood-pumping fight is a breath of fresh air. My only criticism would have to be that a lot of the sound effects kinda sounded low-quality, but I chalk that up to watching it on mobile. Other than that, fantastic work!

I'm fascinated. I can't even describe how great this is, the ammount of awesomeness in this is too high! :D
I felt like I was watching some fight sequence from a big movie or something. Saitama vs Hulk all the way.

Impressive ammount of detail! There just two things that I think you could consider if you'd like to improve the climax in your fight scenes: I'd suggest making the overall fight a little bit shorter and change some things up, like different locations, more unique powers etc. At the start when they were still in the city I was quite intrigued watching how everything progressed and then came to the actual fight.

But as soon as I was like 10 minutes into the fight, it got somewhat less exciting over time. I love the ammount of work you put into your animations, but I think you could save some time by abreviating the fights slightly and just switch things up here and there after some time. It just gets a bit... well, stale, seeing that same rocky landscape and those punches over and over again...

Either way, great job on that and keep going! Love the content you're posting. But I hope you'll be considering some things I've mentioned, since I think that they could be worth experimenting around with ^_^

Nice DBZ style fight with no DBZ characters.

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3.29 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2018
2:18 AM EST