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Here's a puzzle game I made where you can interact and solve puzzles with Pokemon. There's a lot of Pokemon to meet and different things to try, so take your time and have fun with it!

This game is fun if you explore it and find some of the surprises for yourself. But there are also some things you might not understand. Be cautious if you choose to collaborate with other players in the comments below; you might find spoilers which make your experience less enjoyable. Happy puzzling~

Your game should save after every level, but this save file could be lost if your temporary files get deleted. If you want to make sure you don't lose your progress, I have included a password feature. On the Options screen on the main menu, you can view your name and password. When starting a new game, you can tell Grovyle your name and password to continue your progress. All of the Pokemon you've met will remember you, and you will retain any items you have purchased.

Join the Monster Mind discord server if you want to talk with other players: https://discord.gg/ycf6Jzu

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ok i came here to fap, but yet i love these characters and their personalities!
i am a pokemon in fact so i feel *ahem* Special here!
also sandslash best girl! not only is she an awsome character but she's awsome downstairs
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This game just makes me feel stupid

Very enjoyable game, I had a lot of fun with it. Five stars for the engagement, and the story progress, the overall cute factor, and the animation quality - perfectly suited to the game and the situation.

There's a lot of positive that I'd add to this review, and many others have said most of it already - personally, I enjoyed being given a chance to define the various aspects of myself (or one's character for those who don't play 'as themselves' in those cases), and especially having the various characters in the game learn that information, remember it, and take it into account in future conversations, in a way that seemed genuine; in other games those kind of decisions and answers usually lead into pre-canned dialogue with variables changed, but in this game it was made to feel more natural and legitimate.

Some feedback: When using the passoword option to reload a game after closing the window, it seemed to forget some of these details, and as the conversations where you define them can't be replayed, they end up sitting as undefined. In particular, you have initial conversations describing you gender and preferences, and a later conversation where you more directly define your genital situation; the game seemed to forget this latter conversation upon a password load, so that from that point on characters would still use your requested gender, but would act like your genital set-up was undefined or unknown. this threw me off in the latter stage of the game, enough that I replayed a second time without closing the window to get the 'correct' dialogue through the end parts.

Other comments: Having actual save slots yo can choose (rather than or along side the auto-save) might be nice, so you could hold over and try different dialogue choices. It felt genuinely as though the things you said often had actual impact, and it would be nice to be able to jump back to a save and try them. I got my 100%, but on a second playthough I opted to stay just friends with Grimmer, and never saw him again - so it would seem 100% wouldn't be possible in that play through. Similarly, I was very tempted to back out of Abra's proposal, because it felt like telling her no would legitimately change the progress, but I don't imagine it wold lock you out of finishing the game... but without a save file to jump back to, I don't have the time/energy to play through it all a third time to find out.

I found I couldn't get past rank 65 as I played through. I could get that high, when it was asking for solves of 5-peg puzzles in 1:00 to 1:10, but after hitting 65, it was mostly rank defends, and occasionally asking me to do a solve of a 5-peg in under 45 seconds, which was beyond me (though it did mean, starting from 65, the final sync set capped out at 101, which felt good).

Lastly, and I know that this is a limitation of the game itself... the more invested in the story I got, the more sad I was that 'I' could only ever be a touching hand, and couldn't allow them to interact with me more directly. This is not a complaint, really, since I know it's just not in the scope of the game... but my subby side really wants to let the other characters lead sometimes, and do unto me as I've been doing unto them, as it were.

Overall an excellent game, though, and one I really enjoyed. Hope you do more things in the future.

My game is stuck on a black screen after I tried to make a new save file. From what I played, the game is great.

argonvile responds:

aww sorry man! not sure what to tell you, hopefully it fixes itself, you could try a different browser but i've never seen anything like that

Mastermind, mildly interested.
Pokemon Lewd, more invested.
Both Male and Female characters, me likey.
You can headpat the characters, best damn game ever. 10/10

argonvile responds:

ha ha yeah! one of my main playtesters was just into headpats and less-sexual stuff so that's an option. some of the characters are REALLY into headpats...

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3.80 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2018
11:54 PM EST
Puzzles - Other