Lust Quest: Cannie

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Lust Quest is a Lewd Questing and Party Building game where you play a novice adventurer taking odd jobs and getting in over your head.

Set in a land with loose morals and high sexual tension, EXPLORE a place populated by many anthropomorphic characters and monsters!
FLIRT with your opponents, click on them and try to raise their HP (Horny points) before they do the same to you!
Enemies have EROGENOUS ZONES that deal extra damage on click, try to find them all!

This is the prologue, subtitled "Cannie" for the ally you make on this journey!

I'm working on the next chapter "Lust Quest: ICE" where I plan to include at least 8 recruitable allies and different endings for them. You can follow my development here on my patreon:


I'll be releasing the game for free in web browser, so you can join the Patreon if you just wanna support this or hop on our discord and let us know what you thought, good or bad!

Thanks for your time and remember:

"Stay horny out there kin!"

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We like it

i like it

I like it!

I feel like this game should be a 4/5 but it takes a bit of running around in circles in order to level up high enough to face the 2K boss, so I take a point off for boring me for several minutes.

Leveling up is also pretty lame because it devalues the erogenous zones mechanic as long as the PC is sufficiently leveled. Ditto for finding all the erogenous zones, there's insufficient reward to do so.

The male/female option for the rest scene is pretty great, probably my favorite part of game.

Edmang responds:

Valid complaints, thanks for the feedback. I hope to do a better job balancing the game in the future. I'm also look at a few ways to tweak leveling so it's less grindy.

I like the Idea, I like the art, and the Music is great! also the gameplay is good, I liked it.