Super Slut and Friends in Cannibal Apocalypse

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A test game to see what I can put up here--for now anyway. The game play will become more involved very soon, but for now:

Up arrow is jump;
Left and right are Left and Right;
Space bar is shoot
Down arrow is jump down.
Shoot the enemy five times to take them out!

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What's this game going to look like when it's finished?

GodKingZulu responds:

I'm still learning the ropes as far as Construct is concerned, but it will be longer, and more than worthy of its Adult rating--the nudity thus far is nothing compared to what I have planned.

Thanks for playing...and asking!

cant shoot, web page scroll down

GodKingZulu responds:

Working on an update as we speak. I'll ring you when I get it done. Hopefully I can fix the bugs plaguing it...

can't move it only shoots.

GodKingZulu responds:

Though it worked fine for me, I will see what I can do to fix that for ya. V.3 is being uploaded here as we speak.

it works i guess you should make the people less chunkie and gloopie

GodKingZulu responds:

Thank you for playing it! As for the chunkie and gloopie--it's just me trying to separate myself artistically from the rest of the pack. Still glad you played. :)

So you got your basic object collision done well, that at least works, mostly ish. From a design standpoint, floating platforms would be better than having what looks like platforms just with the colliders removed so that it looks like they're standing on something. As far as art goes, if you drew all this including sprites yourself, good job for putting in the work, but I might try to make an effort of making it look... Less derpy. As of right now, there's just all kinds of random lines just drawn onto a body. If your goal is to make a test game, and prove that you can slap something out there, great, this is it. It's not great, it's effort. But for that, there's no real reason to draw it nude since there's no other factor to the adult rating in the game, so just slap some circles on the chest and open it to at least an M or T rating so that you can get legit feedback from more people. Star is for the effort.

GodKingZulu responds:

I might just do that. I was doing this for a specific audience, but you have a point.

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1.68 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2018
10:45 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun