Warrior Princess Demo

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Warrior Princess is a game made in RPG Maker MV, and will feature adult content. All art in game is made by Blisschild1, and is subsequently used with full rights. The link to her deviantart page can be found in my profile.

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I really liked the h-scene, but games like this make me super nervous because they tend to be long, grind-to-advance, and of a genre which isn't particularly appealing to me (I prefer to view all possible adventures simultaneously rather than being forced to choose one). When you add more content, please make sure some you add some form of cheating that makes it easy to view the best content, The Legend of Versyl is a good example of a game having a very friendly cheat system.

So this demo basically contains 2 things to do:
1) Visit old man.
2) Fight orcs until you lose.
Am I missing anything?
Bug: Map transitions only work if you enter straight on. For instance, if the exit point is on the south edge of the map and you approach from any direction other than north, you stay on the current map.

i'm at the last chamber, i wonder what had happened if u didnt get to the orc scene..

Kyonko802 responds:

That area will be complete in the next demo.

GET PREGNANT BABY buahahhaha (e falava que a vida seria restaurada apos cada batalha, mas isso não acontece)

Interesting start. Pretty limited and lot of bugs, but seems a solid story start and style looks good. Challenge will be to balance combat to keep things interesting without becoming a grind slog.

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2.72 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2018
3:31 PM EST
Adventure - RPG