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Spirit Trees

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Here's a movie that I made for my Moving Image Arts class. I feel like I've improved a lot more since then, but it would be cool to know what people think of it. Anything to keep me motivated I suppose. The music was composed by one of my teachers.

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Excellent story-telling skills in this.
The animation, scenes and camera angles was also excellent.

Though the designs and backgrounds need work.
But otherwise this was really great:)

Really nice movie

So this was a nice "MOVIE" you have here it was pleasent all the different "SCENES" and some nice effects like the rain drops and such, it was a pleasent movie with a subtle story here, would love to see you do more of this, it was a delightful film here.

Make more like this.


Props to your teacher on really crafting some masterful music here! Such a sad story... I don't follow all the way, but at the end, I guess they're reunited in death? For a while I thought the black bird was the darkness within himself; that he'd somehow caused the death of the other one... when at the start I thought he was really doing something good. Helping out. Giving some food. The tree... not good at all? Poisonous fruit? I feel like I'm losing a vital part of the narrative, but overall so well crafted. You bring forth the emotion for real.


Pepsters responds:

Thank you so much! Interpretation of the narrative was a real issue during pre-production. I'll be sure to really tackle that problem for next time!

Wow, that animation was pretty interesting. The way the bird shakes slightly is a nice detail that adds life to them, even as they move anyways, The different style of colouration used at the ending was also interesting and a particular thing I liked was how there were reflections on the water.

As something made for a class it's pretty darn good.

The story was engaging en kept me invested, because I tried to figure out what exactly was happening. I felt that the presence of the music was a bit too dominant. Though it was really nicely composed, some scenes could have had more impact if the music was a little less 'passionate'. Difficult to explain...but anyways, nice animation! I'll be sure to follow your progress.