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Haunted Hump House

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Play as a ghost-girl who need to humping all the monsters on the way to get rid of the Death's curse.
The game have 3 different endings for now
The difficulties are actually related to the duration of a complete match so:
Flaccid takes 15 minutes
Normal takes 7 minutes
Hard takes 3 minutes


Whenever you materialize youself, you'll become visible to the monsters (the eye will appears above the ghost girl's head, meaning that she can be seen).
To avoid being visible, try to stop in some dark place and avoid any action (like to attack or move).


Using Keyboard
Z - Action
Direction Arrows - Movement
Using Gamepad
X - Action
Direction Pads - Movement

This game was developed through my Patreon!
If you like please support me> https://www.patreon.com/gillenew

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There's a bug when your being doggy style by a wolf and you and the wolf hover off screen, but still cool game. and the timer has stopped.

is good

Futa it's greatest thing in the whole world!!!!

futa is awesome <3

Can't figure out 3rd ending and 2nd ending froze after the epilepsy inducing red flashes.
1: Normal
2: None
3: ?