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This game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 43, Theme "Sacrifices must be made".

Arrow Keys - Move
Space - Jump
Shift - Dash

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f it no jump no star

47 deaths, ~8 minutes.

Really nice short game. Reminded me a lot of Celeste. Especially the music.

What a nice, simple platformer. It's super basic, but what it is ain't half bad. I like how my little square dude rolls around in the air as he floats along. It's oddly cute. The cannons, while they may seem intimidating at first, really aren't that bad. The backgrounds are pretty nice, too.

However, even for a Ludum Dare game, there are some issues that need to be addressed, namely the control scheme. As a whole, the controls are so dumb. I legitimately had to extend my pinky finger just to hit the dash when I had both dash and jump, and there is no way in hell I'd be able to hit the shift key next to my arrow keys. That'd be asking way too much of me. I don't have nearly enough dexterity for that. The controls should've been WASD and the shift key, so that way I DEFINITELY could've hit the shift next to the arrows.

Also, I need to vent a bit. Those red orbs that recharge your jump and dash? HOT. GARBAGE. The mechanics of them I'm fine with (granted, it took me a bit to figure out it didn't recharge my jump anymore once my double jump was "sacrificed", but that might've just been me being stupid), but actually getting to them is straight ass. First, you need to find where they are before you dash, and even then you're still gonna die a bunch before you can even locate them all. THEN you need to actually dash through them all, which is ALSO gonna kill you a bunch because you have to hit EVERY SINGLE ONE in one go. Miss one and you're just screwed. In the final level, it was so frustrating trying to get that second set of orbs without dying. Most of the time, I could hardly ever hit the dash quick enough to even reach them. And even when I did, it was twice as hard to get through them all. And to top it off, that very last orb on the bottom can rot in hell for all I care. I mean, I think I got it on the second time I reached it (before I even knew it existed, mind you), but the positioning of it just sucks.

In a nutshell, this game is very simple and straight to the point, but it delivers that point pretty successfully. It does require some fairly quick reflexes and a heaping helping of patience. The controls are wonky but tolerable, and the recharge orbs are aggravating in the later levels and tolerable ONLY if you're patient and have Sticky Keys disabled, which thankfully I did. You may die A LOT, but somehow I managed under 100 deaths. Very unlike me in these kinds of games, but not really worth bumping up my rating. More of a me thing than anything else.

very classic platformer with cool designed levels. But I don't like why I cant jump with up arrow key, also shift and spacebar for dash and jump? why not put the controls on w, a s, d? and just shift for dash

That last level was horrible. It was the worst, most disgusting, most difficult thing I have done in months, and BY GOD did I feel like a total badass when I managed to get through it on my 7 millionth try.