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Scooby Doo LOST Finale!

December 3, 2018 –
March 25, 2020
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

After the events of Mystery Incorporated, Norville and Scooby Doo find themselves seeking more realities apart from the rest of the gang, and what this twisted world has to offer.

Separated from his friend, Norville searches the Nether, seeking his best bud, while hoping he finds some answers along the way.

But for Norville, perhaps the truth should forever remain in the dark.

Will his lust for knowledge be his downfall, as it was for old Scooby Doo?

I mostly did a voice and writing for this one, Minty did all the animation this time, as opposed to the reverse for the other two animations. Next animation is gonna have us both animating! Make sure you follow him on twitter.

Twitters: Follow for art and updates




This was cool and dark.
If the regular show was more like this, I wouldnt have avoided it my entire childhood.

The animation was rough but good.

LeakyBucket responds:

Mystery Incorporated was not far from this.


Very nice

This was pretty amazing here, I do think you could ad some subtitles on this, overall it was good even with out, So great flash flick you have here, and nice effort all the way across, something simple to a great showcase and for that I give you props, anyways nice work done here.

I do think you could ad some subtitles on this, overall it was good even with out


WAT !11

I didnt understand the story but I liked:)

There is so much about this that is wonderful and the more I think about it, the more I wanted to give some serious critique. I guess you could say I want this to become "more perfect."


1) The dialog is great.

2) Whenever Scoobs says "Raggy" in that voice, that's just 100% comedy gold.

3) The "I've been waiting for your Raggy" shot is pretty perfect visually. Also the merging with Shaggy's legs as the music crescendos.


1) I don't feel like Shaggy's head needed to random things. I feel like the absurdity of the whole situation and the creepy / funny factor sold it and it didn't need the "extra" push of having Shaggy's head do random things.

2) The shots where Scooby had anti-aliased white edges around his art... I wasn't sure if that was intentional silliness or not but if it was intentional, I think it's another aspect that wasn't necessary. Visually I think the whole piece could have remained dark and serious because the theme and dialog are so hilarious.

LeakyBucket responds:

This was actually Minty's first time animating by himself, s he ran into a few problems when he was importing images made in separate programs, such as the anti aliasing and white edges. Wasn't intentional but he couldn't figure out how to fix it really. Thanks for the feedback!

Your anamation style is like the dude who made bushland adventure

i feel like this was someones dream or something

LeakyBucket responds:


youre not oney!

LeakyBucket responds:

how did you kno

I liked this a bit too much. Big fan of Scooby-Doo and also surreal nonsense flash animations.

One of the weirdest things I've seen in a while. All my stars are belong to this...

I think I have had enough internet for one day. In all seriousness I think that it was super creepy but also funny. I like how Scooby kept saying raggy even in that state he was in.

Wonderfully spoopy yet a beautiful testament to the deep friendship between Scoob and Shaggy.

I don't get it

This is amazing animation.

Chzo mythos?

Looking forward to more, do you have a youtube channel?
What was your inspiration behind this?

LeakyBucket responds:

Yeah we got a channel, it's in my profile thing but here's the link anyway https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAZ3IF4SM3EXjaJs5qnIj2w? . What it has other than animations are some couch gaming vids (kind of in the vein of Oney Plays) and a few podcasts, we haven't uploaded much of that sort of content in a while due to various circumstances, but we're planning on getting that ball rolling again.

As far as the inspiration, me and Logan/Minty were marathoning Scooby Doo Mystery Inc, and he started laughing really hard because he misheard a comment I made, he thought I said, 'Shaggy, I'm becoming MORE perfect." Anyways, we came up with a really stupid scenario off that bit and decided to animate it. TLDR; good times with friends.

This is the stuff I like right here, this was great, I loved the voices

LeakyBucket responds:

Thanks dude, I did my best as Scoob!

This is incredibly well made, even if it's just a meme!

Too beautiful. That was terrifying, hilarious, and beautiful at the same time. Pls make more

LeakyBucket responds:

That's the plan!

too short but i enjoyed it

Shaggy and the Pulsating Mass, haha.

The animation was pretty good at a few moments in particular.

LeakyBucket responds:

Thanks dude. Logan/Minty did his best for his first released animation, we'll work together on the next one, hope you check it out when it's finished!

Creepy and creative.

So awesoooooooooooommme. There is something about it that is really touching at the end...

This feels like it should be a garfield video


yeah this feels like newgrounds alright, it feels like nothing has changed c:

a modern classic.
words cannot describe this work,
it's beyond beauty.

Hey, this ain't the real Scooby Doo finale, the animation's far too good!
Nice work man.

O have nooo idea what's going on here but anything Scooby-related brings back that wave of nostalgia! Seemingly random but emotion-evoking little short...


>Armad, Me'arm, Aduke.

Sweet jesus lol

is this devilman crybaby? lmfao

lol , that was unexepected but great animation ;)

sweet animation


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