Amour v0.8

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Updated to v0.8

changes in v0.8
-Added Jungle location

You must give as much love as possible to beings of different worlds by shooting them!
Use your bullets of love wisely! ^~

Better if you play game in fullsize, you can do that by button in right bottom of game screen:

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Also you can just download game by this link if you have some problems with playing it in browser:

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it's decently fun, but the grind is way too much, and having to buy ammo every single time is a huge game killer.

Grindy but not too bad, as for the v0.11(mega.nz link). Its overall pretty awesome.

What time is the version upgrade?
I am very looking forward to the next stage

For those that haven't figured it out yet. You can swap weapons with the number keys on your keyboard and you can reload a weapon and then swap to and use another weapon while you wait for the reload to complete.
The Pistol when fully upgraded with incendiary bullets is best suitable for dealing with tanks when you need to focus fire on other enemies as it will deal damage over time.
The Assault Rifle is the cheaper way to deal with weak crowds, especially when you have the Impaling Love upgrade.
The Shotgun can be quickly swapped to to deal with fast enemies that are difficult to hit. Also has crowd clearing properties but due to lack of penetration enemies in front usually will shield enemies behind them.
The Sniper Rifle with the Killer upgrade is an expensive way to deal with crowds fast, if you're being overrun. Secondarily you can use it to snipe tanks.
The Bow should be used in between large waves to pick off enemies. As it has infinite arrows it saves money on resupplies and as a bonus you can get the Pro upgrade to make even more money on top of the savings.
The Bazooka is more a late game weapon to buy just for fun, it doesn't really add any significant benefits over other weapons cost wise, but it can deal with clusters of enemies fast.

The artwork as always is great and so is the gameplay. I just wish there was a bit more story to it, but at a guess the next game once this one is completed will make up for that.

So, from what I have played. the pistol is the best weapon. And that's kinda sad. I love the scenes and I like where the game is going, but the balance in the weapons seems to be really awkward. I see times where the assault rifle would be useful in dealing with crowd control, but switching weapons is burdensome and clunky. Maybe if there was a momentary pause in the wave while you switched weapons it might feel more balanced, but as it is, there are speed units that can come right up on you while you transition between weapons.

I feel like the shotgun would be great if you were getting too many up on you, but it does literally no damage to most enemies. The pistol or Assault rifle does basically the same thing with a better rate of fire and damage.

The Sniper Rifle is way too slow to be considered a weapon to take down tanks if you have no way of defending yourself from the crowd or the fast enemies. The pistol does just as much damage over the course of time required to reload and/or switch weapons.

The bow is an interesting weapon, but aiming is a pain in the ass. I understand the concept, but again, we run into the same issues as before, rate of fire plus damage makes the pistol better.

And then we have the Bazooka. I like it, it makes big booms, but it is wholly way too expensive.

I have to sit here and farm and farm and farm to get upgrades because all these weapons sound like they'd be great at certain stages, but ultimately fall short when you are trying to push a level. Sitting here trying to snipe a tank real quick, and whoops, got hit by a fast unit. You just can't play the game like a normal shooter. I made it through several stages just by using the pistol and Assault Rifle combo and haven't needed any of the other weapons because, to me, they are useless and too expensive to invest time and effort into upgrading them to give me a slight advantage over certain units. Some major balances need to be done here before I can give 5 stars.

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3.76 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2018
10:13 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed