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Lala's Micro-H Game

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Warning: The game may take a little bit to load due to the quality of the animation cycles.

Disclaimer: This game is an adult oriented (+18) parody. All characters depicted here are of age, and their copyrights belong to the original copyright holders.


I was really tempted to make some joke about giving head or something like that, but that'd be beneath me.

You could say I didn't want to get "ahead" of myself...

... I'll show myself out, don't worry.

Enjoy a little bit of fun with Lala the Dullahan from Monmusu, the winner of our last poll!

No more head puns, please!

Fate out!!

P.S.: If you find a bug with the controls or any other issue, feel free to send me a PM to let me know so I may fix it ;D

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works and is nice...

Works with newgrounds player with a 300$ pc running only 3.5 ram...

anyone having issues should either reinstall the newgrounds launcher or try somewhere else...

works absolutely fine if you try to run it as intended~

For those wanting it to run, look in windows updates. Uninstall the security updates involving adobe flash. This is what got Newgrounds Player working for me after a quick restart. Hopefully this helps at least one person.
Edit: also try setting your computer clock to a date before Jan 12 WHILE looking at the webpage.

please make a new one

not playable anymore due to the newgrounds launcher needing adobe flash but flash is gone due to december 31 2020

Podrías hacer uno con Miia, hazlo por un compatriota