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Take care of Texas

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(sorry for the awful audio quality.)

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The lip sync was off, so 2/5. *looks in credits to see TomFulp voiced it* I'm giving it now a +.5, 2.5/5

so so many things off

Not bad, the mouth motions seemed out of sink.

TerrorByte responds:

Oh, really? I thought the sync was fine, oh well...for my first time doing lip-syncing, it wasn’t to bad.

I thought this was just okay. How was this not featured on the front page? It featured Tom Fulp! Well, it isn't that good. I loved how you mentioned aluminum. That is indeed the most recyclable substance ever made.

I remember watching Penn and Teller. The animation looked too crude. It was probably also too short. I can appreciate how it was kind of unique. Still not worth recommending, though.

TerrorByte responds:

Well, I am still trying to get my bearings with animation. I don’t mind, not being on the front page because, of this animation not being the greatest, I’d rather have an animation on the front page that has a lot more time an effort put into it anyway, not just because Tom is apart of it.