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Age of Shapes

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If the game crashes, reload the site!

I made this for a uni project. It's also the first game I made with Unity, so don't expect too much.

How to play:
You can select any Object with the left mouse button. By doing so you'll get useful information about the selected Object and be able to give it commands, if the selected Object belongs to you. Selected Buildings start producing if you right-click them. Right-click anywhere on the map and selected Units will move to the given target. Right-click on a Mineralfield with a selected Worker and it will start mining for you until the Mineralfield is exhausted. You can also press F (Base) or R (Barracks) to order the Worker to build at mouse location.

A good start is crucial to make it far in this game. Pro-tip: Make as much Workers as possible before making a Barracks. The first Enemy reaches your base at ~1:20. If you have 1 Soldier by then, wave 1 shouldn't be a problem.

Enemies only go for your Buildings. If you lose all your Buildings, you lose. Every wave more Enemies will spawn at a higher frequency. They also get more HP and movement speed.

Good luck & Have fun!

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I can tell you're a big AOE2 fan. I'll admit I didn't give this game much time, but a couple suggestions that would have improved the game:
- Prevent workers from building on top of mineral deposits and units
- Allow players to set gather points for their buildings, and to queue up multiple units
- Unit variety: Since you're an AOE fan, I'm sure you could have borrowed the rock-paper-scissors design of infantry-cavalry-archers
- Map variety: Making some unpassable obstacles would make make the game more interesting and also let you practice programming AI pathfinding

Best of luck in your future games!

a little bit too hard. but still... prety gud!

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2.40 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2018
5:12 PM EST