Cowgirl 2

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Cowgirls 2 - PC

Cowgirls 2 - MAC

Flash is gone :( but you can download and play the game via the links above ;)

PS if the download doesn't start it might be Chrome blocking you. Open the link in a new window or try another browser.

Cowgirl 2 is the sequel to Cowgirls and it focuses on boobs.

Users can play with them, enlarge them, milk them, lick them, slam your face in between them, fuck them and so on.

Enjoy ;)

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Literally i need a final version of the legend of lust. I expect a final version of the game in 2 or 3 years, and when that time came, i'll buy the patreon version >:')


Hey there,
thank you for the great rating and your interest in our project.

Just so you know, once the project is complete it will probably be removed from our Patreon page as Patreon is the platform through which people can support the production of the game, not the acquisition of it. The Legend of LUST is not a game we are selling. You can already download it and play it for free. What we do have via Patreon are monthly extras that we add to the game, as well as other rewards like HD images or exclusive voting power etc, as a sign of appreciation for out Patrons as they allow us to have a budget to produce monthly updates and keep developing the game.

Also a heads up, flash will no longer be supported at the end of the year. All the scenes we have created in flash will have to be replaced. Maybe with a movie clip instead of an interactive scene or maybe by converting the flash files to html5. The problem with html5 is that there are a lot of things that will not work. It is a big problem for us and for which we don't yet have a good solution. We are even contemplating terminating the Legend of LUST, calling it part 1 and starting part 2 by doing it completely in Unity.

Anyway, thank you for checking out our work and enjoy the scenes for as long as they last ;)