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Hekapoo Clipset

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This isn't a game by any definition, wasn't made with the intention, and I feel bad even uploading it as such.
It's just a very basic set of animated loops, that I stapled together with an html file, so that I can upload it as a single entry and not five separate images.
I could have also edited them together into a movie, but I figured it will feel MARGINALLY less half-assed if you click-to-progress, rather than with fade-in transitions and an abrupt ending. I feel it's only appropriate to straight up categorize it as 'spam'

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It was interesting

Well this game was somewhat interesting there was not much interactivity about it but was fun to see so my advice would be to ad some interactivity and abit more game like element onto this game, even adding some medals on this might be kind of interesting

more interactivity and some medal options would be cool.


I quite enjoyed the character, and it's pretty well animated, even though there aren't transitions obviously. Nicely done, interested to see what you do in the future.

Edit: Tumblr link is quickly approaching uselessness

RelatedGuy responds:

Ha! Jokes on you, the link is already useless, that blog got banned half a year ago!

good art just need mouning

Your art is nice but the animation seems like it needs a little work (mainly the transitions).

great, needs anal,but still great