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Sakura Waterfall Mists Loop

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The mists & waterfall was animated by animator David Biedny in Fall 2016.

This was just an experimental piece I did at UMASS Boston in Spring 2017. I wanted to learn some tutorials about how to mask reveal things in Adobe After Effects CC 2017. Most of the tutorials online did things like rob graphics from people using Google, which is unethical plagiarism and grounds for expulsion at UMASS Boston.

So, I made my own Sakura/Cherry Blossoms.

Due to my own qualms with the situation and being pressed for time, I figured that there might be plenty of other students out there in the world whom might also need sakura graphics as well, but in a manner that was legal and free. So, I've licensed this to the Creative Commons.

You can Download the graphics for free HERE:

* https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/blackunigryphon/sakura-01

* https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/blackunigryphon/sakura-02

No questions asked.
Just download, and go do whatever you want with it. Yes, you can use it for your demos, portfolio work, films, or whatever.

If you WANT to credit me, it would be appreciated.
But, if not, I really don't have time to care.
Just let kids & students be free to learn & make art.

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Seems pretty decent. The only thing I would have recommended changing is having the tree limbs move slower rather than quickly. Hope your skills continue to improve over time.

BlackUniGryphon responds:

Thanks for taking the time to write me a thoughtful, heart felt, and honest comment. I really appreciate that. <3


There's a number of things I wanted different with this one. I did it back in 2017, and literally NO ONE at UMASS Boston knew how to do it, nor how to help me, and my finals were due in like 2-3 weeks at the time, and the instructor wasn't teaching anything so I was trying to help my classmates (because I'm older than them and the same age as the instructor) which was what he told me to do, but then when they came to me for help, and treated them like a team, he got mad, jealous, and yelled at me.

Still learning this stuff, and no adequate teachers or mentors with this stuff anywhere. Most tutorials are from outdated versions of After Effects, and each update since 2014 can often drastically be different with scripting and other things, plus anyone that DOES make demos and so-called tutorials just PRESUME you know what they're talking about like they do, which makes NO SENSE.

But, they're always disconnected from other areas of interest regarding the software.

I find, also, that MOST persons whom self profess to be proficient at After Effects are rather fraudulent, and misrepresent their abilities NUMEROUS NUMEROUS times over, because in actuality they have a bias or niche pet favorite zone of application. Like, EITHER they specialize in ONE of these areas, but not the others: Motion Graphics, VFX/Video Editing, Cartoons.

So, people using After Effects very heavily for just Motion Graphics like news & sports seem to have NO IDEA about things like track mats, or Trapcode, or particles. Then, people that are all about the VFX kind of speak their own language, so when you ask them about cartoons, they speak some gibberish then vanish because they don;t know how to answer your questions, plus they're snobby and "cartoons yuck".

Then, 3D animators are utterly clique-ish and can't be bothered to actually humor you at all when ANOTHER 3D artists arrives, PLUS they're SO Maya biased. They're all like: Yeah, After effects is GREAT, but when you ask them ANYTHING 3D related in After Effects they know NOTHING, and then they're like: Well, I don't really use it much, or I didn't renew my Adobe CC Subscription.

Good LUCK getting ANY help with Cinema 4D in After Effects, because even asking Adobe's own forums and you get crickets.

GOOD LUCK finding ANYONE on Twitch using any of those. They''re all like : Well, I like Maya.


Anyways, I'm basically cold and alone out in the wilderness learning all this stuff.

But, hopefully, I'm improving. These things take time, but I working on it all the time.

Stunningly beautiful!