Krystal : Blue Scaly dream

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Insert story here :P

Krystal model by mrwarfaremachine ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mrwarfaremachine/ )

Dick model by AkkoArcade ( https://www.patreon.com/AkkoArcade )

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I liked how smooth the animation was, but I'm not too sure how I feel about the fur texture. Without sound effects It's pretty good animation as a whole, but if I'm going to completely honest. I would have loved this animation more if the background music was "Crab Rave" by Noisestorm.

Hot chick with dominating cock is the best

Good color and textures and shading is pretty decent. Nice work.

I really enjoyed this though I have to assume that fur must've taken ages to render. But definetly add some sound effects besides the back ground music.

There's a lot more to speak to style here, than quality... some might argue the "velvetine" look on furries just doesn't seem to cover it, but... it's an art AND a business, so there has to be some medium-point, between extra time to compile all the action of fur-strands (yes, I'm aware of processing) and the finished product still being classically "furry"... since that is part of the genre.
It's still worthy a four-star rating, because the actual QUALITY of animation, regarding fluidity, rapid motion without needlessly distracting "goofs" and/or model dysfunctions or pixelations or...or... or... (you'd be surprised what gets submitted for public perusal) I can even honestly say I enjoyed the soundtrack to it, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend the same approach to EVERYTHING...

Least investment to Greatest Improvement?
A couple possibilities... For one, a somewhat better view of "spillage"... I mean, it IS a cumshot after all... let us "know" he got some in there... maybe a lot more than she could hold (?)
another... That cock looks like it's got a "knot"... so maybe add to the "finish" with "knotting her"... slop it right in tight... make her take the whole thing...

Finally... and I get it, audio and foley aren't exactly "raining out of the sky for free"... something I might just take a crack at setting a little straighter, myself... if it comes to it. (and I get the technicals to do it WELL)... BUT even some basic grunt/groans and moans/squeals would add ... along with a bit of wet sloppy slappy sounds... nothing needs be fancy. Keep the music... it's not bad. certainly doesn't diminish... and you could "fade" it down just enough to add those "sounds" as hints of goings on...
All in all, though... a four-star effort and result... nothing to be scoffed off. Now, remember to breathe and relax a bit, and then keep on keeping on. ;o)

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3.60 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2018
7:36 AM EST