Torture Bill Gates

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anal drilling was the funniest
btw you can't smoke lsd and im pretty sure you cant inject it either


to much blood just the frying pan was good

This is fun

Um first of all your flash is great and it was really fun. Although it needs more "torture selections", like the guy below me suggested I think that your ideas of torture was great. Um If I were to tell the tgruth the quality is "kinda" bad (please no offence). But you've really worked hard for this flash and I appreciate it....10-10 for you sir! XDD

nice one

the game needs more torture ideas other then that good game

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not only that

Well, actually Bill Gates was more the one behind dos and GWbasic (like any of you whippersnappers even remembers GWbasic - but it too was a clone of other basics that came earlier). He made most of his money the same way Thomas Edison did - by stealing other people's inventions and patents and silencing anyone who says he didn't. Windows, most of that was a knockoff of other operating systems in existence. Windows wasn't the first graphical one by any means. And just like Columbus getting undue credit (it would be wrong and plainly absurd to say there wouldn't be an America if not for him and that European civilization would be confined to Europe to this day), the lack of Gates from human history would not have slowed things down by a single day. Probably would have sped things up a bit. But still, this game is too obtuse. It's only pushing buttons. (and I'm not going near that anal drill button - I do not want to know what that does) I want to be the one controlling the little fists in the individual punches, damnit! At least put in something like where you have to press the spacebar over and over again really fast to beat him up really well.

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Oct 29, 2000
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