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This was just a fun exercise to try an emulate the animations in the Fallout games.

I had some assistance with some of the props, but I did all of the animation in Harmony. Post done in After Effects

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haha i like it

Pretty cool. I like the sound effects and style.


I don't think I would've enjoyed the cartoonish chest cleaning if it wasn't for the zany sound effects. Those are great, love those type of sounds.

In terms of comparing it to the Fallout animations made in the game or to promote the game, the look of Vault Boy and the filters used are well-made and look about right. In terms of animation, the style is there, but if I were to compare it to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. promotional videos, I'd say that the main difference here is that this Vault Boy has a lot of similar facial expressions.

I see that Vault Boy's faces are either him with his trademark smile, "0o0", or "-_-". There's not much variation in his facial expressions or movements. Obviously, no one's going to be able to perfectly replicate another's style, but I'd say that so far that it just lacks variety in the expression.

For a test, it still works well, and I could see this scenario in a trailer. Definitely enjoyed it as a Vault Boy animation though.

This was very accurate to the Fallout style!

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Nov 21, 2018
7:03 PM EST
Comedy - Parody