Darkened Stone: Moonborn

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-- Features --
Classic RPG fair, story, gameplay, etc.
A mature and adult themed story, not a comedy, not goofy or silly.
One adult sexual encounter that can be skipped, male on female supernatural sex scene.
Roughly 1 to 3 hours of gameplay.

The game has been set up for expansions if received well.

Just finished and released Moonborn! It is a little experiment of mine where I'm trying to make a pretty mature and serious fantasy adult game. Right now it only has one basic (male/female supernatural sex) scene in it, but if everyone likes it I would love to expand the universe with sequels and more characters. Maybe combine them all into one big game in the end.

I wanted more sex in it at first, but the story felt a little too serious to just start jamming smut into right away, I hope you like it though!

Like I said, it's a test, hopefully it works for you guys!

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I like it, but there needs to be an easier way of getting your health and MP back if the combat is going to be throwing bleed and poison at me from every enemy that you have. Especially if I'm level one and have no real stats. (Maybe make them drop items that are worth a bit more so one can actually revive companions, too?)
Also, when going through a door that was previously blocked by a monster, it would be nice to not have to fight them again when exiting the room the door lead too.

(As an aside, I'd like to be able to play a dyke. I doubt you'll have the time for it, but it would be nice to have the option.)

Nice start. Is there a more complete edition of this anywhere else?

GunChassis responds:

Not yet! Thanks!

Maybe it's a bug or my ignorance, but I can't equip either girl with weapons I have purchased. And I can't get rid of the Boot Knife, even by selling it. It just returns, like a bad habit, And there should be a way to earn money, or many more Items to find? And how many sheep are there anyway? All that aside a GREAT game.

GunChassis responds:

I'll fix that in the next patch, thanks!

great game :) still wish the first encounters with the bats were a little less unforgiving, but overall seems really cool, hopefully we┬┤ll see more updates
(and maybe some animated sex scenes)

GunChassis responds:

I'll fix that in the next patch, thanks!

pretty good but you just need to iron out the bugs first the most annoying one is the background not loading or not loading all the way its fixed by going to and back from the menu but it is still annoying

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3.00 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2018
2:24 PM EST
Adventure - RPG