Stray Girl in The Slut World ver.0.06.1

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Move: Arrow keys, Num pad, Click
Act: Z, Enter, Space, Click target
Cancel, Menu: X, Esc, Num pad 0, Right click
Dash: Shift
Hide Heroin Picture: Q, Page up
Hide Message Window: Shift
Fast-forward Message: Page down

Stray Girl in The Slut World is a hentai RPG. All characters are perverted, female. The female protagonist strays into a world filled with sluts and sexually fights with them. In this game, you bring her up, let her fight against sluts, and sometimes make her defeat to be raped by them.

You can download latest version of this game in the author's Patreon page. And please support us if you like this game!

Please send me a message if you are interested in playing test versions.

- Mimi's event in the secret room of the inn
- Sasha's event in the secret room of Cougar's Den
- Five new characters including a couple of sluts
- Three new costumes
- Most musics have replaced
- A support item "State List" has added in the library
- Check point has added just before the combat against the boss
- Character events: Tail (town patrol), Mimi (Inn lady), Reo (cat lady)
- Costume store in the out village of Lewd
- Slut's juice: Reo exchanges this drop item for a special armor
- Weapon mastery

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one of the best I've played. Also I love the music in the overworld. Keep up the great work!

(Edit: Just felt like clarifying: With the language barrier in mind: Do know that I'm not angry, upset or anything like that. I'm just a rather strict/harsh critic. )

Well, first look on this: Story seems pretty run of the mill, beginning wise. Totally fine. Dialogue was a little cheesy, but not over the top :P And music is fine.
Character models seem good too. Only part I was a bit "eh" at was the seeming identical genital design on the models.

But, I'll get a bit deeper into this to give more thorough feedback than the first ~2 minutes. But these are my thoughts so far.

Combat animations are pretty good. Feels like the dialogue could be a bit more interesting. And some terms are technically incorrect. But: Most people don't seem to know the correct terms, so it works in that sense. Though, in a game where everyone is supposedly female, I kinda expect a bit more interesting terms used :P

The amount of memes are pretty endearing though tbh hehe. And hm, seems like there might be varied puss in this. So that's neat. The amount of porn logic this game uses is pretty silly, but it sets the tone.
Music is a tad bit loud though. At least in town. Could do with being lowered.

It feels a bit ham fisted and exposition-y, how the intro progresses. But, if that is the intention: It is done pretty well. I am guessing that the combat animations is meant to be replaced? As: It feels odd that when you "attack" an enemy, your character is shown being "attacked".

Bit intrigued by the "skills/spells" so far. At least if it goes beyond tits. Else that'll be rather boring. There is a lot of exaggerated aheago and memes so far though. Think that can easily be a make or break for some people.
Peculiar definition this game has off "sluts" but xP

Noticed a few anatomy issues with the trophies. But overall the trophies look okay.
Mouse support for play is quite nice too.
Noticed a few more anatomy issues in terms of the puss, buttocks and similar. (like at the crystal shop scene) Though, was pleasantly surprised that the perineum is pretty solid.
Minor bug: After the crystal shop scene, you can stand in the shopkeeps square, clipping through her.

Heh, love the reference of what you named the shopkeeper, along with the hair xD
And I once again refer to the anime porn logic when women without anything on them, can drop money xD And how everyone in town hears of something before they possibly could.
Some of the names of the skills are pretty hilarious tbh. And some are just way over the top xP Though, that said: Notable lack in well, most pussy related stuff. Mostly just ass and tits. Closest I found was basically the g-spot thing.

And, while a tag: You should really inform better about that this game contains futanari. Especially when you specify "All characters are perverted, female." that is false information. A futa is not a female. It's a futa. So, yeah: Was a bit miffed when I lost a fight, and the opponent turned into a dude with tits. He wasn't hyper at least, but it was still a bit of a "Really?" moment that had me look at the tags. Felt like this should have been covered in the description, or library. Granted, it illogically mentioned "female sperm", but I thought that was some fluff thing.

Anyhow... seen quite a few different enemies so far. And yeah: It really feels like the pussy models could vary a bit more. I did notice there is a small difference on some. Which is nice. But feels like there could be notably more.
On that: The dialogue during rape feels very... armature ERP. Not sure if this is intended, but it came off as a little "off" compared to the more cheesy dialogue used elsewhere.

Should probably also mention somewhere that the game contains watersports too.
Also: Not quite sure you chose to name an enemy "poop" essentially.
And, during the "Nornwas surprise" event, you forgot the space between "Norn" and "was".
Battle wise: It is also extremely difficult to tell a enemy you have a chance you fight, and one that will simply 1 shot you. Some sort of level indicator would be helpful. As for upgrades: The system seems a bit yanky, but it is also quite well developed. So its a bit in between tbh.

And okay: Nevermind, there are hyper dudes in this. Can't say I expected the fairy to genderswap into a guy with a hyper dick. He is a very cliché, "selfish asshole" though. The peace signs meme felt out of place in his scene though.
Also, description wise, cum ought to be "from a futa's penis" or simply "from a penis". It's not a woman just because you call it one. Especially if they use magic to transform from or into one.

Did really like the mechanics of the mushroom in the forest. Feels like there should be a index though to know what character does what. In case you for example: Don't want any watersport events. Or: Only want lesbian content. Knowing what characters turns into dudes would be very helpful in that scenario.

Battle wise: Feels pretty fleshed out. Though, seems like battle is to be avoided at all cost due to how much investment it requires. Making it a lot more of a chore. Though, that can be for expecting this to be more of a classic RPG battle wise.

And okay, seriously: So far I've met one actual female enemy in this game, the rest just turn into dudes xD Really need to correct that "all female" tagline.
Looking at your patreon, I can see that this is likely a language issue. As there is extremely little "yuri" content in here. (outside of battles) As yuri requires that it involves females. A futa is not a female. It's a futa.

Oh, and during escape, it says "Nornhas" make sure to add a space in there.
There's also a notable style difference in some of the sex scenes. Some body parts seem vastly more detailed than others.
And hm, when they said that the cougar, he eats people, I thought you meant as in "cunnilingus" wise. But welp, seems like it was literal, he just rapes and murders xP

Anyhow: Overall, its rather messy to get into. But it does have depth. So I'm sure people can have fun with this. From an overall glance though: It seems like will take hours to even get started into it. So definitely not a fast game to learn. Also gonna have to dock a star for the misleading description.
But, that aside: It definitely has potential for those into that specific type of thing. A lot of anatomy would probably need a look-over, but.

What is this game programmed with?

i don't know if its a bug or not but i can't equip any weapons other than the bullet vibrator and the higo-zuiki.

There's cheat codes?

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3.16 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2018
1:20 PM EST
Adventure - RPG