Stray Girl in The Slut World ver.0.06.1

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Move: Arrow keys, Num pad, Click
Act: Z, Enter, Space, Click target
Cancel, Menu: X, Esc, Num pad 0, Right click
Dash: Shift
Hide Heroin Picture: Q, Page up
Hide Message Window: Shift
Fast-forward Message: Page down

Stray Girl in The Slut World is a hentai RPG. All characters are perverted, female. The female protagonist strays into a world filled with sluts and sexually fights with them. In this game, you bring her up, let her fight against sluts, and sometimes make her defeat to be raped by them.

You can download latest version of this game in the author's Patreon page. And please support us if you like this game!

Please send me a message if you are interested in playing test versions.

- Mimi's event in the secret room of the inn
- Sasha's event in the secret room of Cougar's Den
- Five new characters including a couple of sluts
- Three new costumes
- Most musics have replaced
- A support item "State List" has added in the library
- Check point has added just before the combat against the boss
- Character events: Tail (town patrol), Mimi (Inn lady), Reo (cat lady)
- Costume store in the out village of Lewd
- Slut's juice: Reo exchanges this drop item for a special armor
- Weapon mastery

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a heads up everyone it seems like this will get updated when they have the time they are currently busy with other things

this is a bit hard without the ability to run from encounters,but for what it is it's a fairly solid classic style rpg

I recently returned to newgrounds after well over a decade for nostalgia and I stumbled across this whilst looking for a a RPG I used to play. I was shocked that this game is only rated 3 stars. It has better systems and more content than most 4.5 star games when I left. I guess standards are a lot higher now and there's better tools available. As a fan of RPG Maker games and the K-on! Dressup game this was quite the find.

The two big annoyances is that it always shows you being attacked, even when it's actually the enemy being attacked. The other is that your avatar takes up a large amout of screen. An option to reduce the size or hide it until dialogues would be appreciated.

Loved it, but where's the new edition? have you given up on the project??

Why is it when i attack, it shows me getting attacked?

Game looks fun, but the loading issue need work, but seeing that the game is in early builds, i'll let it pass

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2018
1:20 PM EST
Adventure - RPG