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Transaction Pending

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This is a short, gravity defying game about dying a lot and finding out why an ATM took your credit card. Have fun!


AD - Move

Space - Jump

R - Restart

E- Interact


Programming/Art/Level Design - Kyle (TrashVoid)

Audio/Sound Design - kodework

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I really like the look and feel of this game! The colors and music give off a focused, intense setting that goes well with the challenging levels. Once you get the hang of the controls, it's really fun! Good work.

instant dislike for ONLY allowing A and D to move ,i cant center my jumps because of it and i feel like if i beat the game ill have arthritis,ALWAYS ALLOW ARROW KEYS WITH PLATFORMERS!

I like how you can't just brute force through the game and have to remain calm and think things through.
I loved the challenge. I had a few laughs at some of my futile attempts.
Controls aren't exactly intuitive. The ATM could have been used a checkpoint instead of having to interact with it each restart. Unless of course both of these were done with the intentional purpose of agitating the player -if so, great!.
Other than that, there were a few times I was standing on a spike or at the edge of a platform and when I tried to move the other way the character just slips in the opposite direction. Probably was in contact with just one or two pixels.
I could see a few typos; "Pixl"(I believe you meant "Pixel") and "your" (you're).

Thanks to yound, if it weren't for him/her, I would have quit on the last level myself. (Actually the object height was more than my screen could accommodate, so I was practically trying to get through the lower half of the last level by sheer luck.)

Controls felt a little quirky fast but this was fun ! GJ!

For a moment I didn't notice the little flying bug-thingy and somehow did not see the "Use arrow keys". Found myself reading and re-reading the ATM text searching for a clue. ^^'

The last level was tricky, nearly gave up because I didn't know it was the last level and thought it might even get harder on the next level.

PS: It's amazing how the difficulty changes when you know the game - 2nd time around felt like a breeze.

Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2018
1:02 AM EST