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Pussymon: Episode 40

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What's up guys, here's Pussymon: Episode 40. This month I'm bringing a more simple and a bit smaller episode than the previous ones, the reason I needed to make this one a bit rushed is cause I was also working on Episode 41 (The Halloween Special that was already released on my Patreon) where there's lots of new scenes, new Pussymon, new revelations and also a bigger story. Even so, in this episode I'm bringing 6 new Pussymon, 19 new animations and a new Easter egg, also the end of this episode is the beginning of the main quest we gonna have in the next one.

You can download this and other episodes on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/sp3ktr3 A cheat manager and a bonus scene featuring a new legendary Pussymon are available in the Special Editions.

New additions:
- 6 new Pussymon.
- 19 new animations.
- A new side quest/Easter egg.
- Over than 150 lines of text/story.
- New revelations in the story.

Thanks to everyone who's supporting me in this big project, there's much more to come next month. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. See you later.

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side quest/Easter egg: unlock area 04 and go to Liunahelm's INN and click the exclamation mark

Almost caught up.
I was half expecting the queen to be lewd, as I am sure most of us were, but I was kinda expecting a scene with the hero... though I am not disappointed.

The story has really progressed and you've done a great job in the past couple of episodes to turn Claire from a bitchy royal buttslut into a relatable character people can care about.

I see a lot of your comments are about game mechanics, some saying it's repetitive and such, but I can see a lot of skill needed to catch pussymon, such as math to get them down to 10HP, and I see this much more as a story-driven game than a collector game anyways. (though on that note, Pokemon is no less repetitious than this...)

Look, this might be a great game, but I am not repetitively clicking that many buttons in order to find out. If you could make an extremely friendly version game (it's definitely easy, just long and boring) that doesn't expose the horrendously boring combat gameplay I would consider giving a more favorable review.

I would absolutely love if you added face animations to different slides during the sex scenes. It would definitely stop a decent amount of criticism towards you, and I can tell that it'd make the games better overall.

Other than that, great game like usual!!! Keep it up!
(ps, please continue with the "Micro" and "Gigantic" variants of pussymon)

SP3KTR3-X responds:

Thanks, man. Glad you like it. Don't worry, I intend to bring it till the final version (I'm already working on this). There are also many more micro and giant Pussymon to come. Keep an eye on next updates, there's much more to come.

i like your games cause i like how you made the gameplay.

SP3KTR3-X responds:

Thanks, man. Glad you like it. Keep an eye on next updates, there's much more to come.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2018
2:18 PM EST

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