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Be the Bully !
Make cry 80's children by destroying Arcade machines, but beware ! the manager is watching.

This videogame was developed in 48h on MJAM 2018

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Found it too simple to be investing for me. Its a nice simple minigame

I find the idea both wild and appealing.

A neat little mini-game, with the challenge lying in how well one can time the destruction inbetween the manager (?) of the place checking up on things.
There is a factor of both luck and skill involved for those wishing to reach a high score.
Speaking of high scores.... The high-score table seems a bit broken. While it does record your score, it does so improperly, adding the score of your last score to the score that's displayed on the table, thus accumulating scores over multiple rounds.
My actual best score was only a mere 32k points, nowhere near the 150k score displayed on the table.

minor edit:
heh.... Switching to the "My Best"-tab of the table displays my best score having been achieved 5 hours ago. Rather strange, as I only started on this game a mere 5 minutes ago....

Everything just went black after the title screen. I could only see the the two text boxes. It's a shame because the thumbnail and menu looked very entising

MarkAnime responds:

This might be a compatibility issue from your computer,
check if your browser is updated and you have the requirements to run 3D Web GL games.

Hey - cool game concept and congrats on the game jam! I really liked the art style too.

My only criticism was that it wasn't always clear why I was losing - it could be worth sign posting that you have to go faster than the kids can finish their game!

MarkAnime responds:

I'm glad you liked it, and Thanks for the feedback too, we'll try to do a minor update were the player can read the sing for the first time without dying

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2018
11:52 AM EST
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • Flash 8
  • Daily 5th Place November 11, 2018