Blast Door

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Shoot your way through levels as you fight to open the blast doors & defeat the monster.

There is now more than one control scheme. You can select the one best suited for you on the control page of the title screen by pressing the right arrow.

The original scheme(arrows) is altered to fit with different keyboards. Jump & shoot are now 'x' & 'c' respectively. Quit & pause for all schemes has been changed to '0' and 'space' respectively while 'c' is now used to skip the cut scenes.

All control schemes have two jump buttons. This is by design for players who prefer jump with the movement control. The ability to drop through platforms may be easier to do with the alternate jump key but can be performed no matter which jump button you press.

The player has been altered to help with game play.

The two platforming levels between the chamber levels have been edited.

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Hard AF but solid work.

anyway did you update stage design also? it's different unlike first version in uploaded day

I loved this game. The control schemes that prior reviews mentioned have been fixed and were fine for me. At first the pausing mid jump to shoot was jarring until I realized it allowed me to have perfect aim at things directly across the room.

The thing I loved the most were the changes in game play style throughout the game. If it was all just the "one room, shoot the green / red lights" concept then it could get repetitive and stale. But each level beyond the first has a platforming section and the blue ball (I know, giggity) level was a bit of genius, how you could use the right and left sides of the screen or your own positioning to direct the ball's path and use it to kill enemies.

The final boss fight was fun and even after I had the pattern recognition down I had to be strategic about the fight. Do I wait and try to get to full health from drops or do I continue to try to attack? I hope you plan on adding more levels or making a complete game with music and improved sounds.

its ok i guess, nothing special

Nice, but flash games which use X and Z are not realy open to everybody for the fact the Y and Z buttons are switched on some keyboards in the world.

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2018
9:55 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other