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Into the Forest Ch.2

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(WARNING: Using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox is highly recommended! Game may crash at start otherwise.

If you still have problems with the game, you can download the desktop version here:

Don't worry if your antivirus pops up, it's 100% safe!)

It took a while, but here's the chapter 2 of Into the Forest!

This chapter features a script almost twice as long as the first one. Also, by popular demand I've added the Log and the Hide UI features!
Give it a go and tell me what you think!

If you liked this game, consider supporting me at:

My patrons can download the beautiful HD, full-screen version of this game, and also access an exclusive scene!

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This series is one of the best

Imagine thinking all porn is about getting off as fast as possible. I feel bad for any girl that somehow gets with you, you wouldn't just ignore forplay, but probably wouldn't even care or bother to ask her name because that would be "Boring." nice game with a good overaching story and very nice art.

Lol. Falchion dropping hate straight up for 4 years. Because the same guy dropped hate on the first charapter back in 2018. So, babus, you only have one hater! and hundreds of fans! Seems fair balance.. except you should have 0 haters.

Spamming through the game with my space button... I can't count my yawns! Now I can see a lady sat with her foot on the foreground and I'm wondering WTF is going on and if that was supposed to be sexy because the shade behind the text is hiding half of what needs to be seen. Anyway... I spammed it to the end of the game, playing another game on my phone in the while since your game was so boring (No porn on my phone of any kind, I care to add). And why was it boring? Your game exemplifies a weird tendency in porn games nowadays: game designers tend to do less and less explicit material and focus lengthening their games through stories that end up being long, empty and useless, because you can get the few porn material in the game by spamming through it and the few time you get to do a choice hardly changes a thing. What was your game about? I don't have a clue and I don't care. The sexy moments were pathetic... It started well with a naked scene. But very soon it got to suck with the first naked lady being drawn so bad and her intimate parts unfinished. The rest of the sex in the game is 2 or 3 gif-style animations that terribly suck. I don't know who play or like your games or who they are made for _ or if anyone cares to read in the game But I wouldn't be amazed if you turned out to be popular knowing that today, people don't mind getting fed mediocre games as long as they get on well with the game designer. I used to play a game that rocked then the creator started to do like you, adding more and more story that did not really lead anywhere and belittling the porn. In case you or people think I'm the kind of guy that only want explicit material and nothing else, I'll just say that I adore Tlaero and Mortze for how they know how to create REAL stories _ the kind of stories that influence the way you play and make you feel real emotions; Or maybe your game is for the emos _ that kind of people that can identify with the pathetic characters in a story filled with void.

Answering the reply: Man/ Lady... Maybe I did not make it clear: I spammed through your story because it was useless and boring. Games like that where you happen to have choices only a few times while playing signify that the story is used to make the game last and nothing else, that whatever you do will provide very minor or useless change _ nothing in the long run. Moreover, this kind of heroic fantasy stories are generally very predictable, most of all for porn games where it's all about a young male who goes and meets different females during his quest or initiation. He'll fall in love with one of them maybe, but will keep on meeting others who will help him or teach him things. As I said, I never read a line in your game, but I'm pretty sure this is what is taking place in your visual novel. It's chapter 2, and I wanted to check if it was as boring as chapter 1. Like I said, play the Elsaverse and you will see what real story means. The characters in your game look like they are completely deprived of personality and that they are mere archetypes, the kind of very predictable ones. Your game is for people who do not mind that kind of mediocrity. As for me, I do... Good luck anyway.

Babusgames responds:

Two thoughts:

Spamming space in a visual novel doesn't kinda defeat the purpose?

And more important:

...Do you realise this is Chapter 2, right?

10 shots in