Snow Bunny Adventures Vol3

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Ok so maybe I'm a week late for halloween, but the wait for a swf version that works on newgrounds was a damn sight shorter than it was for vol2

either way, have fun, i hope you all enjoy it

usual disclaimer, although a lot of people ignore this part because taking 5 seconds to read is 5 seconds that could be spent making needless observations.

there is not much game to this game, its an interactive story, but it's closer to a game instead of a movie, as such I HAVE to list it as a game

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Love the Frankenstein's Monster joke.

Compressed audio? In 2018?! At least the "story" was somewhat interesting and the animation's not that bad, but definitely could need some improvement. Also, it would be nice to hear the narrator's voice during the sex scenes.

Captain-Freeman responds:

talk over the sex scenes? what could i possibly say?

Well the animation is getting great , ps : still waiting for the Slut Quest 3 , Keep improving and it will be a TOP games/animations

Love people who keep at it no matter what.
Actually pretty unique having a voiced narrator, and kudos to him for knowing when to shut up. ;)

Excuse me if this part comes a tad rude but for something that looks drawn in ms paint the story is quite interesting

Captain-Freeman responds:

Thanks I think