Summer's Birthday v0.6

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MOBILE VERSION:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kQSItiOVfxWqh-dhHCKoTnMLecLupfoF

v0.6.2 11/04/2018 UPDATE:
Bugs fixed:
POV window switched to Gwen if Beth selected
Enable POV button disappearing after cum
Blocked characters selectable
Mini FP switch buttons not working
Here it is, version 0.6! I hope everyone enjoys it! :)

I plan on always releasing all my work to the public for free. In order to continue doing this, I really need people to support me!

Please consider supporting me financially on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/eropharaoh

v0.6 - What's New:
New title menu
5 new partner characters (including secret)
1 new main character
1 new face partner
2 new backgrounds (including secret)
Titjob scene now unlocked
Titjob sound effects added
New titjob scene character
New titjob scene options
Improved/tweaked backgrounds
General animation tweaks/fixes
Revamped character selection
Revamped background selection
"Scene Options" drop down menu replaced with easy access buttons

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I absolutely love this game, its great if you're taking suggestions of who to add, might I suggest you add Tammie as a fuckable character and maybe have Arthricia as a face fuck partner and one of the characters who fucks the one on their back? also maybe add bird person and Beths Mom as a fuckable character and young Rick?? not tiny Rick but the one from episode 1 season 3 in the fabricated origin story, that may be alot but its just a few ideas to make the game greater than it already is

Not gonna lie, kind of disappointed that you locked most of the characters from being able to get with Summer (in the game called "Summer's Birthday"). Also, the new character menu seems over-complicated cause there's there's some instances where you have to switch back to her boyfriend in order to reselect her with other characters that she was originally compatible with.

Also, I think some of the facial reactions from the previous version of the titjob animation are missing. Not sure if this makes sense but, I think the animation where Summer looks up while smirking is gone. While I normally would have given the animation 5 stars, all the blocked characters (and yet still being able to use Pickle Rick on her) made it pretty difficult for me to really enjoy the animation.

The only thing that I can really say is a positive with all the changes would be the inclusion of Wendy but, that's about it because there's definitely other aspects of the game that would have been interesting (and even work in favor of not blocking all the incest options) and that would be the lack of dream realm (while still having the inclusion of the dream outfit).

And with all that set, there isn't really anything going for the sex doll which wasn't even all that interesting of a plot device to begin with since its whole existence (in the show) kind of drew attention to how awkward and unappealing 'cheap' sex dolls were (on top of Morty not really having high standards to boot).


1 star for all the locked content that was previously available (if it ain't broken, don't break it)

+1 star for adding Wendy Corduroy

- Bonus Notes -
-- Aside from removing all the blocks for other characters with Summers, you could definitely have some fun fetish-wise with Unity (as well as adding versions of her for other positions).

-- Adding the weird dream realm dungeon place

-- Adding Dipper (you don't have to but it would be nice)

-- Futa customizations

-- Swapping out Summer with Beth (receiving)

-- Adding an option to not pull out (maybe even a threshold for how many times you can go without pulling out)

you should add the pleasure chamber from mrs. pancakes' dream

Turn the incest back on.

My proudest fap.