Crypt Shyfter: Storm Shadow

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You are a Shyfter! Gather an army and take over the city of Irongate.

Happy Halloween!

I have been challenged to write 52 Crypt Shyfter adventures in a year- 1 game per week.

This is game 7 of 52.

You can track my progress here: https://kungfuspacebarbarian.newgrounds.com/news/post/1020761

Join me on my epic countdown to Infinity... and Beyond!

New to Crypt Shyfter? Start here: https://videogamepizza.com
Play more Crypt Shyfter adventures: https://kungfuspacebarbarian.newgrounds.com/games
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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/videogamepizza

Cover art by SMOKER9

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This was almost good. I saw this on front page and thought it would be cool to check out ...

I'm going to say this: I know from a programming standpoint this was a lot of work, but half the fun of a choose your own adventure game is the replay value / multiple endings.

If you're going to go to the trouble of having shyfter points or having choice paths that cause either the goblins to live or die, or the dragons to fear you versus respect you, then those decisions should you know, actually effect things down the line.

You know, like hey the goblins respect me, hurray! Doesn't matter, same ending. It's just a huge letdown, you know?

A few small changes could have made this game so much better and that's a bit of a downer.

beat the game without even reading. just random clicking the text boxes, i ended
as a devil lord or something i dont know?..

Short and the game ending makes no sense. Every task is easy or random. At the end you get the author's view on your actions and takes away from what you accomplished in the game. Killed all the human? You're lonely now. No, I have all the other creatures to keep me company.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

jeez that author sounds like a pretentious ass

What is the point of rolls? In a tabletop RPG, random rolls force me to improvise upon failure. But here, it simply means your success is entirely reliant on luck. I had a bad luck to fail every single roll, and died in the final battle by no fault of my own. How is this fun? What is the point?

And it's not like the writing was particularly interesting. There are no characters in the story, not a single person with an interesting personality. BORING. And it's not like complex mechanics of the plot make up for it - the story is entirely basic, there is no mcguffins or traitors or twists... It's just, three challenges and a battle. This was thoroughly mediocre. Though I will admit, it is much less annoying than Warp Hounds (which was so annoying to read that I've turned it off halfway through).

As for suggestions for improvement: I would suggest adding some sidekick that would tag along with the player. For rolls, turn them into completely non-random puzzles, or flesh them out so they become a real combat system - something like early Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy would be sufficient and easy to program? Similarly, allow player to make up their mistakes by playing well - perhaps add option to restore HP by spending Shyft points?

Pretty amazing, just wish it had multiple endings. :P

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3.70 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2018
7:23 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG