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Chutney vs TOMMY WISEAU!

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Two universes collide as Chutney and his pals enter the mansion of Johnny(Tommy Wiseau). Pinned against the storm, the trio have no choice but to enter a world without restrictions. The consequences which may very well tear their friendship apart...

Written by The ReviewTrickster!

Animation by Chutney glaze

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All Music

"Fun and Quirky Upbeat Retro" by Pink Zebra from audiojungle.net

"Creepy Piano FX_1" by Eric Matyas from Soundimage.org

"Demon" by Tyler_River from audiojungle.net

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'Ery noice

boring and generic! :D

TheReviewTrickster responds:

You called?

For real, though, sorry you didn't like it. I'll try to do better next time I write something like this.


Just in time to watch this before Halloween is all over for the night.

Forgot to say that even though this is mostly an animatic, you still have some bits with some pretty solid animation, even if it isn't fully colored. :)

Although...one has to wonder if Tommy was fully dealt with, or if he still stalks the lands of Chutney Island when the night has fallen?

im not sure if you've ever watched or even ehared of Flipnotes before but this really did remind me of an old series i use to watch on my DSi off Flipnote
weird video but nice :3

ChutneyGlaze responds:

thank you yes i admit it is very weird