GJC Wars-Episode 1 V.3

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Here it is as promised the improved version of GJC Wars. It took a week to put this together completely and now its much longer with more violence and more music. And Brittany Spears gets killed. Enjoy the movie.

Don't knock my movie unless you've made one yourself and see how hard it is.

UPDATE: Wow it's been a while since I made this. I refuse to watch it anymore since it was so bad. But thanks to everyone for keeping it here. This was my first flash and I'm proud of it. Peace.



^^Good Points^^
Ok, it's easy to say that even though this is a pretty terrible movie, it is still hundreds of times better than the first episode, mainly in terms of graphics. In this one you actually used flash and actually did some animating. Some of the voice overs were good too.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is still quite bad. The storyline is a snoozer, I had no idea what was going on and didn't have much desire to find out. The animaions are pretty lame, I can tell you don't know much anything technical about Flash.

Im sorry to say that ...

That sucked absolute monkey nuts ... sorry but it did = / i know its probably very hard to make something like this, maybe you just need practice but this blew hard ... it was only funny cuz of the shoddy animations hehe good lu7ck with your future work though

A good concept, but it has bugs...

9,999,999,999 bugs. If you could fix these bugs, this would have avoided the Turd of the Week award.

Wasn't "bad" for turd of the week

To be truthful I'm kinda surprised this got turd of the week. Now before I get 100 responses saying "What the F*** are you talking about!?" here are my reasons. Most of the turds of the week are crud pencil drawings, a single stick figure with sound in the background, or a crazy off the wall story with no plot. This flash did have a plot and the animation wasn't absolutly horrible. Don't get me wrong, this flash wasn't by all means "good" (I apologise to the Author because I have no flash of my own) but I have seen alot worse get by the portal with nothing or even get a place as a Daily Feature! I'd name then but I'd rather not make enemies.

-The Skipman

hahahahha anthor enterie from hbk

hbk is a wrestler not some fucking dick on ng in ase u havent read my other review on the tricky thing

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1.12 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2002
11:40 PM EST
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