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Michael and James - This House is Mine

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Mike and James watch TV one day and are stuck on a music channel. They come across a trippy music video of some hipster artist, who turns out to be magical. They realize this when she literally jumps through the screen and tries renovating the place.

Written and Directed by
Jon Lopez

Voiced by
Jon Lopez
Elsie Lovelock
Jace Williams
Steven Page

Jon Lopez
Billy Crinion

Music Composition
Jon Lopez

Guest Artist

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If I'm honest, there isn't really anything for me to critique (considering that I'm shit at criticising stuff) but goddammit, I'm gonna try. I did notice that the singing did seem more clear around the end of the song which kinda put me off a little bit (I'm not going to let that affect the score I'm giving though). I can't say much about the animation because I know nothing about animation.

all in all, good and good in my opinion

i kinda liket the style O3o

Good story-line, above average quality of animation, I hope that in your series the animation style will be even more fluent and improved, and a very good sense of humor.

Better then the average cartoon show on TV, I hope to see an interesting development in the characters.

Felt pretty cookie cutter, but it enjoyed it alot

all as @JUK3BOY says