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Linkle: I'm no longer a farm girl [cinematic]

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Artwork by Hizzacked [http://hizzacked.xxx]
Sound Effects by Servantesnc [http://servantesnc.tumblr.com/]
Linkle voice by VoiceLikeCandy [http://voicelikecandy.com/]

Support us on http://patreon.com/washa | http://gum.co/linkle | http://hizzacked.xxx

My patrons and gumroad customers will get:
> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files

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i dod not really like the voice acting but everything else was good

Not really digging the voice, delivery sounds off, took me out of the experience... and the obvious problem with there only being a bj and nothing else for 6 minutes.


I enjoyed this. It was really good.

fantastic work,
its amazing