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worm head departure and unlucky fate

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thank you Joel for the music . please check out he's stuff . he is a great artist .


the music is call While Evening Fades : https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/813287

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So this was kind of nifty here I like what you have done here the visuals are very nice and you did very good with your style of animation and I found this to be interesting the effects could be somewhat smoother I thaught

Some added special effects


BlackAnimation responds:

thank you for the suggestions . I love it
good day to you sir

Solid work on the audio and presentation, but as for the footage itself... wondering if you couldn't have exported the video directly, instead of recording? Think it'd be way better that way. The lightning flickers between photos too. even if the camera stands still. More consistent light and quality and you'd be doing good things here! Keep it going!


BlackAnimation responds:

thank you for the great opinion . as for the reason why it was shot like this . It was film when I was at school . but I just left for college . so I could not get the files (but if I did it would look and feel a lot better ). if I can get to school I will get the file's and upload it streage away . but we will see . high hopes . and thank you

i love claymations

BlackAnimation responds:

great :)


I can understand why people hated this. I think the story itself wasn't that bad. It's at least creative. The problem was how it was addressed. I didn't like how it was filmed. I guess after awhile I didn't notice it.

The music was at least fine. Happy Halloween! I want to wish that to everyone. Claymation is rare here. Knox is long gone.

BlackAnimation responds:

Im sorry that it was filmed this way . This was film at my school. I can’t go back since I join college. I promise not to make stuff like this in the future. But thank you for your opinion. I liked it and agree . Happy Halloween to you