Villamate: Episode 1 (beta)

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An angel gives a girl the holy power to yield demons and a penis to conceive humans in a women-only village. The girl fights against female demons and fucks female villagers to save the village.

Move: arrow keys, left click
Act: enter key, z key, space, left click
Cancel/Menu: back space key, x key, right click
Dash: shift key
Hide Message Window: shift key, right click
Fast-forward Message: page down

OPTION (changeable from Menu > Option)
Switch: Always Dash, Command Remember, Hide Battle Animation
Volume: BGM, BGS, ME, SE

Thank you for playing. And we especially appreciate our patrons and collaborators.
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#0 Rosa =>ongoing
#1 Dumplily => complete
#2 Doggina => ongoing
#3 Simiamy => preparing
#4 Fesantalia => preparing
#5 Ogruby & Ogrebecca => preparing
#6 Ogrosanne => preparing

This game needs a short time to read an image for the first time because all the images are high-resolution and all the animations are composed of a lot of frames. That may cause a lag, but the lag will not appear once the game reads and the browser caches the image. The specifications of the browser causes this issue, so it is difficult to fix that for us. If you like to play without those lags, we recommend to download beta of this game from our Patreon page.

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needs some fixes

Use art that isn't stolen from a different porn game. Specially if you're trying to make people pay for it. I mean come on we know the maker of that game says no making money of their stuff.

I was enjoying your other game but nothing is finished, so I tried this game.... Maybe you should work on one project at a time?

loading times are longer than i thought they would be but it is a very good start for a game

Oh god I haven't laughed like this in ages. Look at the angel's face when she's sucking! Dear god that's fucking hilarious.