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Mad Sombra Chase - Overwatch x Teen Titans

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A take on Teen Titan's Mad Mod chase sequence...in the Overwatch world.

"Sombra is wanted; her unwarranted hacking and peskiness are much trouble to the world sovereigns. Will the Overwatch team be able to capture her?"

S76 voiced by OrionVA
Sombra voiced by Andrastae II
Music from Teen Titans
Animation by LZbros

New to Newgrounds here! Thought we'd just share a shot from our animation 'Mad Sombra Chase'.

edit: Decided to upload the full video! Enjoy!

Full animation @ https://youtu.be/28KQQHScDmY

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I was nostalgic and I did like it.

DUDE, this was so good it hurt

The memories wow

cool homage!

That was clever and it perfectly synched with the original scene! Nice work!