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Not On My Lawn

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Update (12/3/2018): VERSION 2 HAS FINALLY COME!

What's new:

MOBILE SUPPORT! Hold down on the left or right sides of your screen to move! No Puffin browser required! (NOTE: HTML5 still required)

Also, points now add up every FIVE seconds, so getting that high score isn't as much of a chore.

Speaking of seconds, the bomb will now change jump strength every once in a while (til reaching full speed) for a less boring experience.

Let me know what else to add!


You have a beautiful lawn and you don't want it to be ruined. But then, a bomb comes out of nowhere and could blow up your lawn any second! So, you have to fight back using a giant...thing to bounce the bomb away from it. Are you prepared to give it your all?

Hold the left or right arrow keys to move your guy and try to bounce the bomb with your...thing.

Every 5 seconds, you earn a point. However, every 10 seconds (until it reaches full speed), the bomb will suddenly go faster. Are you willing to reach 1000 points (I'm not joking you can really do that)?


Basically everything by:

Stavro H.

Made with:

Construct 3 (Free Edition)

Music made with:

GarageBand for iOS



NOTE: I'm always open to constructive criticism! So, don't be afraid to comment any suggestions!








YouTube (cartoons):




2018 Cherry Lollipop Party

Made in Illinois, USA

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I think the main problem is the transition at the edge of the screen. Since the character cannot instantly jump from right to left, you always lose when the bomb drops at the edge. As orangepeel761 also suggested, this can be solved by varying the direction and/or the height of the flight path of the bomb as a function of the "thing's" position, as is common in breakout-type games.


It could be a game, i like the idea but theres not ,uch of content.

STOOVRS responds:

yeah but a limited free plan with 40 code events can only get me so far (you're not wrong tho)

just because

I like the artwork and sounds, there is not much of a game though. I found it hard initially to even score, it is very repetitive and I got bored quickly. If there is some variety it will keep attention longer.
point for each bounce,
either change direction or height of bounce based on where the thing is used to hit the bomb. (section in center bounces higher, halfway to edge bounces same, and edge barely bounces)
If possible at certain scores add a cut-scene it you are telling a story people would play to reach the next part.

STOOVRS responds:

the story thing's not a bad idea. maybe it would be good for a spinoff since it's a little too late to add it now. if i can, i might decrease the 10 second thing to 5 seconds or even three seconds since the point per bounce thing could take a lil too long (makes me sound lazy i know). and as for the direction and bounce thing, the direction changing, if there's a way to not make it so sudden, could work and the height thing is not bad either. i might see if this could work. thank you for your suggestions!

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2018
7:25 PM EDT
  • Construct 3