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Sakura Haruno vs Hinata Hyuga

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Finally. The age old debate of the Naruto Fandom. Sakura "Useless" Haruno vs Hinata "Oppai" Hyuga. The battle of the century has FINALLY been solved by yours truly. Who will win?!

TrinaTan as Sakura
TrinaTan as Hinata
Digital Art by Tessa Aitink
Research by Me
Animation by Me
Additional Research by Ragaz

Trina's Newgrounds: https://trinatan.newgrounds.com/
Tessa's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MadMomo666

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Where is my comment?

ADR3-N responds:

Where did you leave it

Damn, Sakura, did you have to do all that? XD If this isn't going all out, then I...honestly, really wanna see her without restraint. Also, Sakura seems very 'Fightsexual' and I'm okay with that, lol.

Jokes aside, this was an awesome fight. Both characters were...well, pretty damn in character. Though I question if Sakura ever would know the Chakra Scalpel, it was a nice twist and I wouldn't exactly be surprised if she does and I just forgot. Even if she doesn't, it's a pretty believable move for her to pull. And seeing all the thought that both of them put into the fight was pretty cool. Seeing them both trying to out think each other and reach their 'win condition'.

Jozarto responds:

I'm so glad you enjoyed this animation. I did my best to make sure I kept them in character and had them behave properly. Sakura does somewhat have a thing for fighting in Shippuden.

Sakura does actually know the chakra scalpel. While she never used it in combat, she has used it to cut open Naruto's side in order for her to pump his heart. So technically, with her chakra control and common sense, she would use it in combat just like Kabuto and Shizune do. Its almost like her own means to shut down your body. I love this comment and I appreciate that you thought so much about the animation.

The pixel animation during the fight scenes was well planned and fun to watch.
The voice acting was good.

There was a lot of dialogue and yet no indication of lip sync animation.
Not to mention the 4 minute of shaky pixel conversation they had in the beginning.

I know its naruto and you had no choice but
There was a lot of copyrighted material including music, pictures that seemed to be downloaded right off of google images.
I may be wrong,
but it seemed to me that nothing was hand drawn, modeled, etc.
Except for maybe during fight scenes.

I can appreciate the planning and effort that was put into this.
I could tell that this was a labor of love from a fan.

Jozarto responds:

I appreciate the input and compliments, I really appreciate it. Honestly.

Yeah, regarding the dialogue and lack of lip sync, I was actually very hesitant to use the mouth sprites that I have, due to them being a bit too big to fit on the characters' faces properly. The bouncing was lazy, and not very fun, I admit that. Also, I'm sure the dialogue was far too lengthy. It took over 3 minutes of the animation.

As for the music, the first song is an original track by a friend, the second track was a cover of the Naruto fighting theme, and third track was the original OST (I should have changed it), and the fourth song was a cover by Raon Lee, and the last track was Sakura's theme, which I should have changed.

As for the drawings, those were actually redrawn screenshots from the anime. My friend Tessa drew them over on Photoshop. In essence, she traced some closeup images from scenes in the anime. Not the most original approach, but I thought it would be the most pleasing to the eye, and possibly nostalgic.

This criticism is good, and I'm glad to hear someone else's thoughts on this project. Thanks.

An impressive battle! :D The way they remain friends even at the end though, hmm, Hinata sure is nice. Smooth work with voices, animation and all. The movement between sprites and normal drawings work well too, and it's definitely not just a quick battle! Living up to it's name.


Jozarto responds:

Much appreciated. I'm glad you found enjoyment in it! I worked really hard on this and really appreciate your comment.

Great animation but i do have to point something out, Sakura wasn't called useless because she was weak no, She was called that because throughout the show she always left things to others. Mainly naruto, while hinata always strived to do things herself, thats why she's called the better ninja, and sakura even though she was trained by tsunade, still relied too much on others especially in fights, so sadly even if she beat hinata (even though im sure turning off chakara points actually prevents her from using that powered state) Hinata is still the better ninja in terms of character

Jozarto responds:

Sakura did not always leave things up to others. She is a medic first, fighter second. Tsunade told her to never fight up front, but she did anyway. She went beyond what her role in the group was. On top of that, she could only barely fight a little because of her chakra reserves being low, due to the 3 year long period of her preparing her seal, which weakened her SEVERELY throughout the entire story until the war arc. Hinata never really had many fights in the story, and also never won a single encounter in her life. I don't think her drive to get stronger outweighs all the stuff Sakura contributed that she could not. Especially since in the Epilogue Novels, Sakura defeated a Nine Tails Jinchuriki named Kido, who stole Naruto and Sasuke's DNA to make him as strong as them. She beat him by herself, while weakened by poisons. She is a force to be reckoned with, and is a better ninja in my opinion. She brings more to the table and contributed more to the cause.

Regarding the "powered state" its actually the Diamond Seal on her forehead. It contains all the chakra she was storing for the collective 5 years of her chakra pool training. It is not linked to her chakra points, and when activated, it fills her body with chakra no matter what. Meaning if Hinata closes off her points, Sakura can simply turn on the seal to have her chakra points opened up by the Seal.

I'll be uploading a video explaining why Sakura won, and why it makes sense soon.