Bunny Kill: Resurrection Collab

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First Bunny Kill Collab.
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Nice to see people remember Bunny Kill, but the collab looks like a Madness collab and not in the style of Bunny Kill


grumpy best


The animation was good, but it wasn't that cool. There were a lot of parts that were just a bunch of shooting. I did like some of the more subtle kills and takeouts and the stealthy parts, and there were definitely some good bits, but it just isn't enough. @EKKiro's bit had a little bit of nice strategy involved and a cool shotgun kill with the leaping axe guy, but it was mostly just a bunch of shooting. This was a big problem, most of these were basically just "shoot, move, avoid bullets 2 feet away from the gun that fired them, shoot, shoot, move some more". And I have to say, EKKiro's laser sword part was very disappointed, the sword fight had no acrobatics and the kill didn't even have any blood and didn't make much sense. Leolion's part looked weird leg-wise and had a completely pointless airflip. @Andy442 had some great gore and weight/camera movements. Only little thing I noticed was that a shot that was directed a t a character's head went to their leg. @Madness-boy's part had some pretty nice action and a cool gore bit. Madness boy, you just need to practice your feet animation. @Spaderz' part was cool at the start with the kills and energy and camera movements. The part with the black bunny was nice at first, but it started to feel cheap after a bit and the cut to him being dead on the floor was abrupt. @Eshio's part was a cool intro and I liked the boss guy's death, but it was too short to be badass. Only the first stealth kill was really cool. @kota1337's part was great action and gore-wise. I really liked the guy who got killed off-screen and the one who walked off the building. Nice camera shaking, too. @Thece's part was awesome, really cool style and gore! And @GLaDOS55's part was probably my favorite. It took a while to get going, but the setting was really cool and it was supremely badass! The guy who got rammed, and the peeps who got absolutely demolished with heavy fire were great. The music was nice too.
Overall, some kick-ass bits but a lot was pretty mediocre. The plot also seemed inspired by Paradigmadness, unsatisfying, and put together hastily with that ending.

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3.54 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2018
6:00 PM EDT