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Why Mars dies and Earth lived (Animated Infographic)

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RedOwl Creative studio consists of a team of young passion driven creative motion graphic artists who are also curious about science, history, biology, space and many other interesting fields.

Our Infographic Show is where we combine our distinct passions together!

We want you to understand those so called boring and complex things and make you feel curious just like us. We believe that everything is interesting when it’s told right.

That is why we use our unique animated storytelling style to do that.

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I spaced for a moment and thought this was a ripped video off In a nutshell for a moment ;w; sorry sorry. Nice video glad you finally put it up on here

RedOwlCS responds:

We are working on developing our own style :) Of course we were inspired by kurzgesagt but we don't want to copy them.

Oh wow, this is awesome. If I watched this instead of those cheesy 80s movies about physics, I'd probably learn a lot more. One thing I will say is that the Kurzgesagt influence is definitely showing, which isn't a bad thing, I love the channel, and the way you executed in using the same aesthetic is done astonishingly well. Hopefully as you do progress and make more videos, you'll find your own type of feel and aesthetic, but for now, what you're doing is wonderful. Great job!

Awesome to see a channel like yours starting out on Newgrounds, so far I've only seen those on YouTube but now they've also made an appearance on here :3
I'm also really liking the style of yours, it's a slight bit smoother and has really nice colors compared to many I myself have seen.

Definitely keep this up! I'd love to see you upload more informative content like that ! We need a channel like yours ;)

Good:The animation is nice and comprehensible

1.This topic is not "boring if not told in an interesting manner". It is interesting.
2.The topic is highly theoretic and questionable, yet here it is bought up almost like a fact. Nobody knows for sure how Mars looked millions of years ago. Also if Mars low gravity made it lose it's atmosphere - how did it got any atmosphere in the first place? Wouldn't it be more correct to say that it's low gravity never allowed it to form any atmosphere? Making the assumptions abut it's habitable past wrong? You should really explain some obvious questions and not just tell these hypothetical stories in a simplistic fairy tale manner.

RedOwlCS responds:

Thank you very much for your ideas! I'm just starting out the channel and this was the first video. I know there are lots of flaws. I'll try to fix them in next videos. :D