Blood Elf Interrogation(18+)

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Another commission for Tera Tyrant Shadic. In this one they wanted to see their blood elf Aeleheayna get worked over by the Alliance.

Real talk...I haven't played WoW in over a decade. Is this one of the new quest lines now?

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Good stuff.


While very... "stylized", it looks overall really good in that style. It does raise a few question on like, where the torso+spine is aligned... but all and all its pretty solid. Some kinda questionable anatomy though (outside of stylized) in terms of placement and angles.

A little "aw..." that the "hardware" didn't have the gnomeregan insignia. But ah well xP
Honestly really surprised with the actual lesbian scene. I honestly can't recall the last time I saw a n/belf or spacegoat without a hyper dick, turned into a dude with tits. So, was very pleasantly surprised by that. But yeah, perfectly adequate.

Wished their was more options, art is good though

Thats not the body of a blood elf. Sorry but thats just how it is :P
Her body is all wrong thats why i didnt like it. otherwise the idea is good.
Exept one little thing the blood elves are very decadent and would probably like this treatment Interogation is not meant to be a pleasing thing.