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Starfreaks: Pizza Quest

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The dastardly troll kings have stolen your tribe's pizza! You must seek out their stinky troll cave and give them a beat-down they'll never forget!

Cover artist: RadiBits

**Updated 12/21/2020

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This is one of those silly adventure games with fairly straightforward puzzles. The dialogue and perils are the icing on the cake.

Hail, I would love to make the art of your games to promote my art, what do you say? if you feel like contact me via facebook inbox, and see my last artwork https://www.facebook.com/RagkulArt

Starfreaks responds:

yeah if you draw a cool space barbarian I'll definitely use it and link to your page in the credits. shoot me a PM ;)

Game 5 out of 52? That means there will be lots of barbaric and epic badassery in the future!

Starfreaks responds:

yep! got challenged to write 52 games in a year... up to #7 now. there's going to be more barbarians kung fu-ing in space than you can count!*

(*only applies to people who can't count to 52)

"Suddenly the statue springs to life and forges you a dildo!"

This one is awesome. It feels a lot like a classic text game, simple and full of adventure. This game is short and entertaining, exactly what a Crypt Shyfter game is supposed to be like.

You know, I just picked the game up and played it while I was doing nothing. I finished it in a few minutes, and it kept me entertained while I could be bored. I think this is what makes Crypt Shyfter so great, you know? You can just pick up, have fun and it's done!

Starfreaks responds:

u figured out the secret to crypt shyfter! u win 5 imaginary internet points :)

I like it.
But if tribe has stock of pizza, which is worth to be stolen and avenged, it's disgusting.Pizza must be fresh. And must be eaten as soon as possible.Trolls just shouldn't has time to steal anything.

Starfreaks responds:

could be frozen pizza ;)