Crypt Shyfter: Oathbreaker

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It's up to you to find your missing friends, destroy Mud, and restore honor to the Order of Paladins in this exciting sequel to Limerick!

I have been challenged to write 52 Crypt Shyfter adventures in a year- 1 game per week. This is game 4 of 52.

You can track my progress here: https://kungfuspacebarbarian.newgrounds.com/news/post/1020761

Join me on my epic countdown to Infinity... and Beyond!

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I'm not scoring because I'm still at work and can't play yet. I just have to ask, what program are you using to make this

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:


Once again, an enjoyable romp. However, I get the feeling you kinda rushed this one. I found many grammatical errors: We use our magic raise others up, not tear them down.(TO raise):Faster than a speeding bullet, you drawn your own weapon and fire it.( Faster than a speeding bullet, you DRAW your own weapon and fire.)
One glaring continuity error: One the way to tombstone with the Princess, the text tells me that Slingshot keeps stopping to take a piss. Problem is, Slingshot is in Tombstone already, a prisoner of the Shyfter! Still a worthy effort on your part, I just wanted to be honest with you.... your proliferation amazes me. But, please take a little more time to correct errors. Your work is so good, and its a shame to be brought out of the storyline b/c of a continuity error.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

shitsnacks! thank you sooo much for sending those typos and errors, i will fix them right away!! <3

edit: fixed! i'll work extra hard to make sure these things are caught from now on :)

Neat, I'm liking these adventures.
I like the allegorical vibe they have too.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

they're so much fun to write too! :)

I love these Wild West ones! It reminds me of my favourite books and the world within them.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

dark tower? i gotta be honest these wild west ones are the most fun to write for me. idk there's something so unique about them, blending fantasy and wild west, as opposed to classic medieval fantasy. i have a bunch more planned :)

Hey, good luck with your story. I personally find the writing to be enjoyable, and I used to love good ol' interactive stories, but now? Not so much. I hope you can reach your goal. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Sorry, I would play more, but it's just not the type for me. Again, good luck.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

it's all good! text adventures are pretty tough to get into. thanks for giving it a shot :)

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3.51 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2018
7:00 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG