Crypt Shyfter: Oathbreaker

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It's up to you to find your missing friends, destroy Mud, and restore honor to the Order of Paladins in this exciting sequel to Limerick!

I have been challenged to write 52 Crypt Shyfter adventures in a year- 1 game per week. This is game 4 of 52.

You can track my progress here: https://kungfuspacebarbarian.newgrounds.com/news/post/1020761

Join me on my epic countdown to Infinity... and Beyond!

New to Crypt Shyfter? Start here: https://videogamepizza.com
Play more Crypt Shyfter adventures: https://kungfuspacebarbarian.newgrounds.com/games
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I like how you switch between western, fantasy and scifi adventures.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

it keeps things fresh for me!

"What is this flower-power hand-holding horse shit!?"

Oh dude, this western ones are better then I expected them to be. I had a lot of fun, the story is very entertaining and it's really good at making the reader feel like a true badass gunslinger.

I like all this "Paladins" thing you have going on in these games, and I like to see the lore build up around them (I still have to play Misery, so here's hoping it will have more lore).

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

i really love writing the westerns! they feel so much more unique than classic medieval fantasy

I'm not scoring because I'm still at work and can't play yet. I just have to ask, what program are you using to make this

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:


Once again, an enjoyable romp. However, I get the feeling you kinda rushed this one. I found many grammatical errors: We use our magic raise others up, not tear them down.(TO raise):Faster than a speeding bullet, you drawn your own weapon and fire it.( Faster than a speeding bullet, you DRAW your own weapon and fire.)
One glaring continuity error: One the way to tombstone with the Princess, the text tells me that Slingshot keeps stopping to take a piss. Problem is, Slingshot is in Tombstone already, a prisoner of the Shyfter! Still a worthy effort on your part, I just wanted to be honest with you.... your proliferation amazes me. But, please take a little more time to correct errors. Your work is so good, and its a shame to be brought out of the storyline b/c of a continuity error.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

shitsnacks! thank you sooo much for sending those typos and errors, i will fix them right away!! <3

edit: fixed! i'll work extra hard to make sure these things are caught from now on :)

Neat, I'm liking these adventures.
I like the allegorical vibe they have too.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

they're so much fun to write too! :)