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Valentines Day Escape

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In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Have fun!

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Actually beat it.
there's a button panel on the right side of the table thing with the white bucket on it. You get the code for it by finding the bulb for the floor lamp. Mousing over stuff shows you what you can interact with, but you still can't interact with each one until you get the item/code to solve it.
The heart box looks like a color puzzle but you actually have to click each one a certain number of times.
It would be nice if the clickable areas were less of a clickspam pixel hunt and if the game told you that you need a clue/item for something that's apparently clickable when it won't let you interact with.

Throw a person in a round room and tell them that there's a million dollars in the corner. That's how confused I am. The only thing that I've been able to interact with or do is collect hearts. With no idea of what to do with them, or how many that I'm supposed to have. Nothing is made clear as to what to do.
The artwork is really good and the music is acceptable. However, with no information being given, it puts a halt to the game play.

The graphics are very different from most of these types of games, so that's a plus. However, there is no clear motive on what to do? ( unless I'm just stupid, that completely reasonable, ) and when you click on something to zoom in, there is no arrow to indicate where to click to get out of that view.

I've collected a bunch of hearts and can't really interact with anything else. Am I missing something?

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2.40 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2018
6:42 PM EDT