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December 2016 Discount Loop Supecut

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Originally uploaded in December of 2016, the initial part of a commission deal I was running to raise money to help my dad pay some bills.

I literally saved Christmas via porn!

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It was an honor to have you animate my character.

I love your work very nice

if you do a 2018 video can we have different song?

PurplemantisNSFW responds:

Lol sure

¡Quiere fotopla!
Sorry, I Know thata song XD

I understand the need to pay bills and what not, but the multiple pieces in the same style with the same animation makes it hard to enjoy. I don't know how much effort goes into a single piece so I can't really say it's lazy. Another noteworthy thing I like to mention is the "Nose area" and it's uncomfortable stretching in some pieces. Other than that I think it's pretty good.

PurplemantisNSFW responds:

I agree with you on the nose bit. I proved problematic for a few of the meshes but at the time I thought it was..."cute?"