Mac and Jim Get Everything?

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Here it is everyone, Mac and Jim Get Everything Part 2, this monster of a project, spanning over 2 years of work on and off made into a 3 minute cartoon. My longest yet, making this was quite the journey and now that journey is over.

Additional Animation: https://twitter.com/KyleFuckinC

Additional Clean Up: https://www.youtube.com/user/aluisin1921

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NabibbleJr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NabibbleJr/

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This was nice

I really love the "VOICE" on the main character and other even the backround "COLOR" sheme was doing very well also, I think some added flashy effects with the action scenes would be nice, Ill Recommend some stuff later but this was pretty good there was some good visuals, hope there are many more endeavors, such as this one.

I think some added flashy effects with the action scenes would be nice


I liked it, for the most part. I think you're problems lie in things like shot-structure and pacing. The shots don't seem to flow organically, it almost seems like you jump from one setting to the next, while trying to make it link together. The pacing felt too quick in a lot of places, making it sort of confusing and hard to follow. This next point isn't a fault of yours necessarily, since I'm aware that you took time off to make other cartoons then to make part 2, but the differences are jarring in regards to technique and overall skill. I thought the gag in the beginning where Jim punches the computer in Macs desk was pretty funny, it just seemed like there was some missed opportunities in some places for potential jokes to write. I feel like an extra scene or two would have balanced it out and made it better overall. Like, maybe a scene where Mac and Jim talk it over with each other about whether or not to use the house as a safe haven, just to see the sheriff at the door. Or when Mac and Jim run out of the building with their old clothes back on, you could have had a shot of them running to the van with them asking each other how they changed out of their clothes so fast. You wouldn't have had to redo anything, just add onto whats already there. The sound design wasn't very good, although I'm aware that you have owned up to it when we go in calls and stuff. There were some shots that could have used music or certain modifications to the audio that you put in already (a doppler effect to the sirens as the van goes on, etc.) Hope this wasn't too long lmao

NabibbleJr responds:

I can tell you why the shot composition was so screwed up. It's cause when I story-boarded it I changed the flash document size and I didn't fix every single shot. There were shots that needed to be added. Not to mention I was just so done with this thing and there you go. Probably explains the sound effects as well. I feel like I've learned more what not to do with a cartoon from this than any other one I've made.

2 years!?!? jeez, i mean it was good, but, 2 years?

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3.21 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2018
9:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Original